What I Know For Sure*

So I was sitting around thinking last night…

And it dawned on me that this project (the 5 Things project) has been both easier and harder than I anticipated. We’re 21 days in now, with no thoughts of turning back. I’m committed. But there have been some surprises along the way.

Here are a few:

1. Because I’m doing this for one month, and one month only, I started off with a ton of momentum. Areas of my apartment that I’ve been ignoring for months or [ahem] years are suddenly getting the attention I’ve been meaning to give them. Easy projects that I just had not made time for are getting time. I know that this project is finite, so I’m sort of blitzing it and leaving no item unturned. With a definite beginning and a definite ending, I have remained pretty motivated.

2. I am surprised that I cannot remember a lot of the stuff that I’ve gotten rid of. I mean, it really is out of sight and then out of my mind. I even try to make a mental note when it goes in the outbox (a literal cardboard box) of what it is, so I can blog about it later. But then a mere two hours later I can’t recall what I put in there. I’m serious, ya’ll. That’s how little this stuff means to me. Really begs the question as to why I brought it in the house in the first place. But that’s another topic for another time.

3. I need motivators. Like I said in point 1, sentence 5, the beginning and the end of this project motivate me. But that has not been enough at times. Oh no. Not near enough. Sometimes I am holding something in my hand and I know I should get rid of it.

I haven’t used this in four years. It is ugly. I get a rash from even looking at it.

But I still can’t let go of it.

But I might use it this year. It’s sort of vintage-quirky. I can buy hydrocortisone cream for the rash.

Allow me to use point 3, subpoints a-d to tell you a few motivators when I am in those moments:

a. It will be nice to have this space (that the object takes up) for something else that I love more, or for nothing at all.

b. “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” (William Morris). I believe that. I really do.

c. Someone else might really really LOVE this thing when they stumble across it at the Salvation Army store tomorrow afternoon, or are given it through the Pregnancy Center. Like really LOVE it. And here I am, trying to talk myself into liking it? That seems trifling.
[Example: I had a changing pad cover that I really really liked at one time, but it doesn’t match the new vibe I have going on in the kids’ room. I was keeping in my closet; for what I don’t know. The only thing that pushed me to pull the trigger and get rid of it was thinking that some other mom would see it and get really excited to have it for her baby and her little nursery. If the thought of a secondhand changing pad cover grosses you out, then this whole story is lost on you.]

d. I have to get rid of something (well, 5 somethings) because I said I would and now that I have a blog I cannot let down my adoring public. How would they go on?

Just a few “aha moments” for you. Motivating, no?

*thanks to the Queen of Talk for the post title


2 thoughts on “What I Know For Sure*

  1. >LOVE the blog. So real. So funny. Purging is life altering! You go girl. What does Oprah clean out of her mansions?

  2. >ummmm…. favorite line "I haven't used this in four years. It is ugly. I get a rash from even looking at it." ha!!! are ya kidding me 😛 so fun Kat!! 🙂

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