Bring It, J-Mike

February’s goal? The 30-Day Shred, with Jillian Michaels. A couple of friends of mine are already about two weeks into this and said they are thiiiiis close to being able to run in their bikinis in slow motion. Sign me up!

I started yesterday with Progresso Soup cans in hand as weights, ready to shred til I could shred no more. There are three different women on the screen- Jillian, Anita (for beginners) and Natalie (for those tougher than I). Anita and I were besties immediately. Girlie push-ups? Check.

I tried not to be self-conscious about the extra parts of me that were jiggling around throughout the workout, or about my next door neighbors looking out their window and seeing me flopping around. Or about my downstairs neighbor wondering why his windowpanes are rattling. Is that the washing machine shaking around up there? No, that’s just me, working out.

Shred or bust.


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