>8 Days Down

>20 to go.

I just shredded my heart out. I’m still on level one, though now I am alternating between following Natalie (advanced) and Anita (beginner, j.v., wow-you-are-out-of-shape). Anita will periodically give a little head-shake or extra exhale as if to say “woah- this is tough”. She’s really trying to encourage those flabby home exercisers; trying to show that we’re all working hard here to reach our goals and gosh aren’t these jumping jacks taxing? COME ON ANITA WE KNOW THIS IS NOTHING FOR YOU. I prefer Natalie, who does not patronize me like that.

Just so you know, these are the arms I am aiming for:

Do you think that using soup cans as arms weights will get me there? I am using the “Rich & Hearty” soup from Progresso…

I don’t think I look significantly different yet. We don’t have a scale here, so I can’t really weigh myself to track if I’m losing any pounds. Sure, a couple of people here and there have mentioned that I look a little smaller, a little more toned (What’s that? You just mistook me for Heidi Klum? Oh stop. Really.) Like I said a few days ago, I am not changing much in my diet- I am just adding in the workouts with J-Mike. The most significant difference between now and a few weeks ago is that I feel better physically. It feels good to exercise and move, even if it’s only for 20 minutes a day. And my body is feeling better too- today I only stopped to rest one time during the push-up phase. One time! The first day I did this I am sure I stopped several times. Also, my calves are not screaming in pain anymore. Another sign that I am, as Jillian says, on my way to being “shredded”.


9 thoughts on “>8 Days Down

  1. >Madonna arms = scary. I think you should invest in a pair of 5lb weights. tjmaxx is the place. i am so proud of you. and you're cracking me up all along the way!

  2. >Love the 30 Day Shred. A great workout in 20 minutes! Although, I do have to play music to cover Jillians voice. You'll have those arms in no time!

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