60 Minutes


Theoretically I’m 11 days into my March goal of keeping my online time to 60 minutes or under.  I say “theoretically” because I started a few days late… and I haven’t been doing a great job of sticking to my goal.

I’m not sure how long I’ve been browsing aimlessly, but I’m sure it’s been longer than an hour some days.  Some reasons why this is true:

1.  I have had two sick kids.  Sick kids means lots of time on house arrest, unable to leave our apartment and do things.  This means I feel like I’m going to lose my mind a lot, which means that I want to escape mentally.  Which leads me to browsing here and there, to avoid the reality of being on house arrest.  See?

2.  I can’t get myself motivated to do much else.  I was with my friend Megan yesterday and she phrased it something like “I just couldn’t make myself find any new projects”.  Yup.  The daily necessities are done, but I can’t make myself gather up my energy to tackle something else.
Something that would ultimately feel more purposeful and enjoyable.

See, I’m not opposed to good time zoning out on the internet, looking at blogs for inspiration and whatnot.  But I don’t like using it as a way of escape or procrastination.  Not when I know that’s not what actually feels good to me.  Take yesterday.  I was tired and should have napped.  That’s what I really needed.  Instead I bopped around online, using up the precious naptime that I had, until my kid woke up and puked on me.  If I had napped, I might have had more energy reserves to deal with this.  I hadn’t.  So it was just puke on a tired person who wished she had napped instead of frantically reading blogs while thinking “I don’t really want to be doing this.”

Follow that?

All that being said, I did start off the week with a little more gusto and adherence to my goal.  Here’s what I did on Monday:

A close up:

Idea came from here.  With a few modifications.

See what awesome things happen when I get my tail off the internet?


8 thoughts on “60 Minutes

  1. >So sorry for puking kids. I hate puking kids. (Well, not the kids. The puke. You know what I mean.)That chandelier is awesome, and so is your table. Is that the one your dad gave you guys?

  2. >I totally understand and back you up on the whole thing, but also cut yourself some slack. Two sick kids in like 500 sq feet will make anyone desire to escape, AND notice your inspiration for the awesome chandelier came from…the internet. xoxo

  3. >keely- good memory. yes, that's the table we got at our rehearsal dinner. it's the one we used growing up for about as long as i can remember.thanks for the props on the light fixture. i am pretty enamored myself. so glad there are creative people out there that i can copy.

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