>The Shakes

>The tremors, the shakes, cold sweats- all in full effect as I go through facebook withdrawal.

I still think in status updates sometimes.  Something happens and I think “I could really get some chatter going with this one…”. 

I just got an email from Keely, saying she had some perfect wall fodder, that I am missing out on.

My friend Joey (not this Joey) just had a baby and I’m missing the post-baby pictures. 

So those are the downsides.

The upside is that I don’t miss the compulsion I had to check and recheck throughout the day.  Facebook should be enjoyable and mindless, a little escape.  Instead I had this weird sensation that I needed to keep scrolling until I hit the last updates that I had seen, the last time I checked.  It was no fun anymore.  It feels nice to be free.



6 thoughts on “>The Shakes

  1. >Have you ever thought about your responsibility to the world of Frontpage? I mean, were am I going to turn for my daily dose of witty Edwardsian banter? Shame.

  2. >Here's a few status updates to tide you over, in no particular order:"Just spent $25 at Kroger and saved $21. Coupons!! Hollaaaa!""Bowen is a snot bucket"."Thanks to Pip and Lisa for giving my daughter sugar as her birthday gift! No nap and up until 10:00 that night!!!"

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