Look at me!  I’m on day 20 of this month and am not struggling the slightest with my goal!

This is a real departure from months past.  To recap:

In January I got rid of 5 things per day.  It felt great for the first couple of weeks, then I slowly…lost…energy.  I had to really rally to finish strong.  Here‘s a few thoughts about that goal, as I got to the end of the month.

In February I “shredded” every day with Jillian Michaels.  (Well, via amazon.com, of course).  Again, come mid-month I was faltering in my resolve to complete the 30-day Shred.  I sort of got sidetracked by thoughts of clutter and other things.

In March I limited my time online to 60 minutes per day.  Here are some thoughts I had as to why that was a struggle.

In April I wrote for 10 minutes per day about anything and nothing.  Like the months prior, I again felt my energy waning as the month went by.

But I find myself over halfway through the month of May and have not missed facebook AT ALL.  Not a bit.  I am filling the time with other things…  Like couponing, reading library books (like this and this.  Don’t you hate it when bloggers give you links, instead of just naming the titles?  So annoying).  Oh and doing a little back deck facelift.

Behold the before:

They kind of look like haunted house chairs, right?  If I were crafty on the old photoshop, somehow I’d put a skeleton hanging limply of the side of the chair.  Picture it in your mind.

The entrance to our apartment is an uncovered deck, meaning these chairs had been left to fend for themselves out in the rain and snow for the past two years.  Yowzas.  Really did a number on them.

About $19 and a total of maybe 20 minutes of spray-painting later, behold:

Looking cute with our blue door, right?:

The wreath was a wedding gift from our friend Bobbie, who made the arch we were married under out of sticks she found in her woods.  When the arch was taken down, she made some of the sticks into a cute wreath for us.  Awesome, right?

I love it.  Now if only I could post these pictures on facebook.


5 thoughts on “Facebook-Free

  1. >Are these only month-long efforts? In other words, will you be back on Facebook on June 1st? My dog died this week and you didn't even get to see his farewell photos. Think of all the other important things you are missing!

  2. >Just to keep you in the loop of the goings-on of your favorite neices and nephew, I did post the other day that I heard D tell K that "if you don't let me play with you I'll kick you in the head." Now doesn't that make you proud of those little munchichies? I know it did me! Thankfully K chose wisely and a good time was had by all 🙂 The rockers look awesome! I still remember when mom bought us our 2 porch rockers…unfinished bc of course we could do it ourselves (me at 39 weeks preg). So paintbrushes in hand I cursed her all the way through. I've often wondered why we didn't use spray paint…or better yet get them already painted for $10 more. Anyway, I love the wreath and everything looks great! and I still have my porch rockers 🙂 xoxo

  3. >Kelly, those pictures of your dog are what I would spend 30 minutes browsing a month ago. A dog I've never laid eyes on and, apparently, never will. R.I.P. little Schuknecht dog. I'm sorry I never knew you.Glad you all like the wreath and chairs. I'm quite happy with them, myself. Elizabeth the end result of painting them by hand is a better paint job. I didn't do any close-ups of my yellow rockers because that's how you'll see the drips and missed spots. Apparently I'm satisfied with "B" grade work.

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