Looking for a new read?


Just thought I’d pass along a book recommendation for your summertime reading pleasure.  If I remember correctly, I just pulled it off the “new nonfiction” section because I liked the cover (always a good way to judge a book.  Zing!).

The book is titled “You Don’t Look Like Anyone I Know” and is by Heather Sellers.  The author has prosopagnosia, or face-blindness.  Never heard of it?  I had not either.  The condition prevents her from recognizing people’s faces.  Mom, dad, boyfriend, husband- all are strangers until she recognizes their gait or speech.  Fascinating, right?  I always either pick up books like these (Face blindnessKidnappingEarly onset Alzheimer’s!)  or books with hot pink covers about girls who shop too much and then lie to their husbands about it.  Usually the girls in those books are British and move to New York.  Seriously I’ve read several of those.  Meh.

Anyway.  Sellers opens the book recalling how she mistakenly hugged a stranger at an airport, incorrectly identifying him as her boyfriend.  The stranger pushes her away while her boyfriend approaches, laughing.  It is an arresting scenario and a snapshot of her day to day life.  Again- fascinating.

Sellers is a great writer, setting the reader up to feel as she does- self-conscious, on your heels, trying to put pieces together.  I felt confused at points in the book, not by the content but by this desire to have everything come into focus.  Sellers describes her family background, growing up with parents who were mentally ill.  I had this desire or need for things to make sense- the “aha” of her family that would bring the pieces together.  Much like Sellers experience, I would guess.  Things are chronically out of focus and blurry around the edges.  Her normal is my idea of complete and utter dysfunction.

Not a very light and fluffy read.  (No hot pink cover on this one).   Great writing, however, and I had a hard time closing the book by 10:30 every night.

Any recommendations for me on my next trip to the library?

4 thoughts on “Looking for a new read?

  1. mr. rosenblum dreams in english, extremely loud and incredibly close, let the great world spin

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