A Ship Is Safe in Harbor…

I ordered this today:

A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.  -William G. Shedd

Isn’t it great?  I got it at this shop.  I used the coupon code “LibsFriends” and got 15% off AND was able to support my friend Libbie’s work with Reformed University Fellowship at UVA.  The deal runs out on August 1 so get the lead out and buy buy buy.

I get no kickbacks for promoting this- I just think she has some really cute stuff at great prices.

I think I’ll frame this and put it in the kids’ room.  A great reminder to be a safe harbor for my kids, but also let them grow and explore, take risks, make mistakes, be independent, and learn.  Sometimes without me hovering over them.

I got another print as well, but that is a gift for a certain friend who just got married so I couldn’t possibly put it up here and ruin the surprise.


3 thoughts on “A Ship Is Safe in Harbor…

  1. I like that one, too. I think there are more things in her shop than there were when you first posted the link on Facebook. I’m giving it a good looksee and checking out the old Paypal account right now. 🙂

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