Day 25 of the Meat-Free Life

Shoooot.  I’m in the homestretch of this vegetarian thing and I have to say- it ain’t no thing.  Sure, I’ve eaten coleslaw and cheese on a bun at more than one cookout this month (don’t make that for dinner tonight- it’s not good) but other than those little food discouragements, this is a breeze.  I haven’t missed meat at all.  I certainly haven’t missed the preparation work involved in eating meat, that’s for dang sure.  I mean- gross.


Show of hands: who scrolled down really fast so as to not see that gross picture of raw chicken? 

I’ve encountered the social side of being a vegetarian a few times and that has been interesting.  The “sorry I can’t eat that- I’m a vegetarian this month” thing sort of concerned me, going into this.  I did not want to have hosts going out of their way to accommodate me, nor did I want anyone to feel uncomfortable with my choices.  [Before there’s a mad rush to the comments section to inform me that I can’t MAKE anyone feel uncomfortable- uh, okay.  I know that.  But you know what I’m saying, right?  The idea of going to someone’s house and having any dynamic of discomfort because of my food choices– it would be great to avoid that.]  I also didn’t want anyone to have to scurry around their kitchen, searching for a loaf of bread to serve me, because they made pork tenderloin and old Hippie Mcgee here showed up with the “I only eat vegetarian” proclamation.

Basically I have taken the wimpy way out and just avoided that altogether.  At the cookouts I have been to, there have been enough people eating and hanging out that no one really noticed that I was eating a coleslaw and cheese sandwich.  [Social experiment right there- why did no one notice I was eating a COLESLAW AND CHEESE sandwich?  Who does that?].  When my mother-in-law very kindly brought dinner when she visited this week (spaghetti and meatballs), it just so happened that the hubs and I were going out for dinner that evening, so I never had to directly decline the really nice dinner she brought us.  I just thanked her and commented on how much the kids were enjoying it.  True and true.

The one time I did decline an offer of meat and state why I was doing it, it was with friends who know this goal-thing that I’m doing and apparently forgot what I was up to this month.  They apologized for getting a bunch of meat choices for dinner.  I tried to really heap on the guilt and make them feel bad about it, but I don’t think it “took”.  They both seemed to get over the shame and guilt pretty quickly.  So that was no big deal.

Final conclusion at day 25 of this vegetarian experiment- the social discomfort of being a vegetarian is not all that bad.  And eat a small meal at home before going to cookouts.

6 thoughts on “Day 25 of the Meat-Free Life

  1. Southern Living just put out a bunch of vegetarian dishes. Check their website if you are looking for some new ideas for the last week. Glad its gone well! xoxo

  2. one half of the “friends who knew about the goal and forgot” says “no pain no gain, biotch”….i mean, we’re really sorry about that.

  3. I’m that half of the “friends who knew and forgot” and I want to set the record straight. What Kak, in all of her glorious wisdom and wit has stated is, my dear readers, false. Yes, I did forget about ye old Hippie McGee’s latest venture (seriously, I mean, I thought I just had to make sure the dinner party had to be over by 10:12 so HIppie McHipster could get some shuteye). But, let the record show that in addition to the delicious crispy duck, the delectable double cooked pork, and the oh so scrumptious fried pork belly (all from Mr. Chang’s new joint), there was a full portion of stir-fried … oh, wait, that’s right, now I remember, vegetarian is a damn near cognate to v-e-g-e-t-a-b-l-es. Or, as the Brits say, just “veg,” as in “make sure to eat your “fruit and veg.” So, all this persecution talk needs to cease. Just sayin.

    Philip A Lorish

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