In the New House…

I will be organized all the time.

I will sweep my floors more than once a month.

I will keep up with the laundry.

I will dust more than once a quarter.

I will have a ton more closet space but I will not abuse that closet space by hoarding junk and clutter.

I will only keep things I love.

from elle decor

We have boxes in our apartment today.  My best friend from home is coming up from Roanoke to help me pack things up a little.  The home inspection is also happening.  This means- it is really happening!  The sweet brings with it a little bitter.

Last night the hubs reminded me that packing is a great time to purge and get rid of junk.  Noted.  This is why I have to have a friend here.  Left to my own devices, I will enter analysis paralysis and stare and one object for up to 20 minutes, trying to decide if I should pack it up for the new house or donate it to Goodwill.  (Hear more of my internal monologue about that here).  This applies especially to dvds, clothing items, and the kids’ toys.

But when I picture a new space, I picture a chance to do it all right.  The way I want to.  New space=new beginnings.  All those things I want but haven’t mastered here, I can finally implement there.  Right?  Right?  There’s no way my shortcomings in keeping the home will follow me all the way across the street to our new place.

In other news- I fell off the wagon yesterday.  Hard.  We were at the lake all day with some friends and one of those friends had pork in the smoker all morning… and we had bbq sandwiches… and just like that [picture me snapping my fingers] I was no longer eating vegetarian.

Goal for this month?  To move.  To minimize the stress associated with that move.  To settle in a bit.  To enjoy the process as much as I can.


10 thoughts on “In the New House…

  1. I didn’t know you guys were moving. Please tell me that you are moving to a new house in Charlottesville, as opposed to leaving us.

  2. Um, so obviously I haven’t mastered the art of comment posting. I’d delete all this, but I don’t know how. Maybe you could delete all this…

    • just can’t get enough of this commenting thing, huh trenton?

      we’re moving across the street. not far. still very much in c’ville. and ramsey will now have a back alley to ride her bike in- the one you gave her. very exciting.

  3. i don’t appreciate you violating the counselor confidentiality agreement by pretending that your throwing-out-things-paralysis is about you and not me.
    a little hurt you didn’t ask me to help you purge
    (who am i kidding? you’d just have to come over HERE next month and make ME throw it out…)
    GOOD LUCK! and remember you can always find one at my house if you get rid of yours :).

  4. first of all… i’m drooling over that living room. i want the windows and the vaulted ceilings and the fireplace (which we’d never ever use here… but still i want it). ok, enough gushing.

    wow, moving. it’s freeing and daunting all at once isn’t it? i definitely think the best part of moving is being forced to purge. such a good time to do it. unless you’re very decisive though, you really do need help. glad you have a friend to swoop into your rescue.

    let me know how you go with the laundry. 😉

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