First of all, today is my birthday. Second, here is the goal for September.

Today I am 33.  I was talking to the hubs the other night and couldn’t really remember how old I was.  Is this a common thing for other people?  Or is it just me?  At this rate, 40 is just going to sneak up on me and smack me in the face.

from Cake Wrecks. why didn't anyone make this for me today?

The hubs took the kids to Richmond for the day.  Oh, to be alone in my house.  What an odd feeling.  I really enjoy it, when I get the chance.

So- on to the goal for September.  A few days ago I ran into my friend Rob on the downtown mall.  He pitched an idea to me that he had been percolating for a little while-21 days of general health and mindfulness.  I’ll let his email explain the details:


September is almost here. For those us who go by names other than Skylar [our insanely active, triathlon-loving friend], our hot summer bods that we worked so hard to cultivate last spring and early summer have been slowly overcome by long afternoons of beer drinking, late nights of carousing, far too many hot dogs from the grill and lazy days without exercise on the water. But really, who cares? Fall is approaching and shirts are being put back on. Time to get our winter fat supply ready to stay warm for what is supposed to be a serious season of blizzards. Let’s embrace the inner-sloth, right?
…ah but dare I say that we reconsider?
I have seen myself tempted by indifference over the past few weeks and I don’t want to get sucked in. So I’m looking to reboot and I need some partners. The challenge is a very simple one. Almost too easy. But I think it just the right amount of time/effort to help get geared up for the fall and reminder why it feels great to stay in shape. I promise doing this will help.
21 days, starting on Monday, September 5th, with just a few easy steps to get back in focus with exercise and cleansing.
1) No booze (It is only for 3 weeks. If you are really that bothered by a meer 3 weeks of you 50+ years of drinking life being spent sober, then you really might need to consider some self-reflection)
2) No sodas (often no booze, leads to a sugary replacement…but sodas, diet or otherwise, are full of gross shit. Don’t be tempted. Go with soda water if you need an out)
3) 20+ minutes of cardio, 5 days a week (minimally easy)
4) 45+ minutes of cardio, another 1 day a week (step it up once a week with a soccer match, big run, adventure that forces you to challenge yourself)
5) Rest the remaining day (the body needs recovery and the soul needs focus. Equally important part of the process as the physical doing…if you are indeed “doing” to start with).
6) 3 days a week of strength training (what’s wrong with a little vanity now and again?)
7) 3 days a week of 10+ minutes of meditation/prayer/stillness (for some this is too little–you can do more–for some this is way too much…but doing this is good base for working out the mind along with the body)
How’s that for a nice challenge?  When Rob suggested this, of course I immediately loved it.  This kind of thing is right up my alley.  He has since sent another email, linking all of the participants (63 of us!) to a simple google spreadsheet where we can track our progress and hopefully encourage each other on to buffness and mindful meditation.
Just when I thought I couldn’t come up with a good, captivating goal for September– Universe, you’ve done it again!

3 thoughts on “First of all, today is my birthday. Second, here is the goal for September.

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  2. Yay for catching up on your blog! I wanted to let you know that I am also 33 (I think), and I also forget how old I am (clearly). You are not alone! 🙂

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