Whole Lot of Shaking Going On

That should be the theme song playing while I work out these days.

I’m trying to get over the fact that no one commented on my blog and told me happy birthday.  I have site stats, people.  I know you’re out there reading.  Come on.  Didn’t that cake wreck inspire anyone to write?

I’m not pregnant, but if I were I would want this to celebrate:

creepy baby in cake?

Day three of the 21 day challenge and I’m 3 for 3- booyah.  Have dusted off the Jillian Michael’s 30-day shred (see also: February’s goal).  Also ran one day, which hasn’t happened since…well… gosh I can’t even remember.   It has been great.  I would not have exercised two of those three days if not for this challenge.  So- really happy I signed up for this gig.  My neighbor Kam also signed up, so now I can take credit for inspiring at least one person.

Anyone else want to join in?  It is not too late!

I’ll leave you with one more:



8 thoughts on “Whole Lot of Shaking Going On

  1. i’ve never seen such a ploy to get people to comment on one’s blog.
    happy birthday. i said it on facebook, so i thought that would suffice. i shouldaknownbettah.

  2. more amazing cake pictures please!!!!!!! and since i failed to even say it on facebook: “HAPPY 33RD!!!!!”

  3. Agreed. The obligation to wish one a HBD does not extend to multiple online sources of said information. I know. I have degrees in this stuff.

  4. Well – according to Dr. Philip, I’m in the clear via my facebook wishes. 🙂 But – I’m pretty sure the real reason I didn’t comment was due to overwhelming guilt about my own slothfulness in the face of your disciplined shaking and abstemiousness! 🙂 Very distracting. (Or was is it just the slothfulness alone?) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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