New Things

Now that we live on the other side of the street from where we were before, we are adjusting to a new house and a new view of the street.  Big stuff.

Here’s a few things we’ve never had before (exceptwhenwehousesatfor6monthsinabigoldhouse):

1.  Disposal in the sink.  We’re not composting at the moment, mostly because of that, which I’m sure the environment hates me for.  But man I do not miss fishing things out of the sink drain.  Just flip that switch and watch it all disappear.

2.  Fridge water and ice dispenser.  We are fan-cy.

3.  Dishwasher.  This comes about one year after we finally settling the 5 year argument over who does the dishes.  Seriously it was almost a nightly argument.  Dishwasher- where were you in year two?


4.  Downstairs bathroom that is visible from the window.  No more peeing with the door open?  Not unless I’m willing to risk one of our neighbors walking by the side of the house and seeing me.  James and Caroline- you have been warned.

5.  A downstairs.  We’ve always been on one floor together.  These stairs are an adjustment.  The jury is still out on which layout I prefer.  I think for the early years’ stage with the kids, I like being on one floor.  But I can see the beauty of two floors when the kids can play together out of my sight and earshot for longer periods of time.  We’re just not quite there yet, so if they’re upstairs I have to trot over to the bottom of the stairs periodically to make sure there’s no screaming or silence.  Either one means trouble.

6.  Not one, but two parking spots.  And the ability to park right in front of my house.  Man, that makes life easier.

So- slowly settling in here and getting familiar with this new space.  At a month in, it still feels really bare, because I always take at least a year to hang things on the walls.  And because we have so much more space that our furniture is spread out.  Like, it’s not all touching each other.  Maybe that is new thing number 7.

9 thoughts on “New Things

  1. I remember when we moved to Russton and got a dishwasher. All of the sudden I wanted to entertain so much more- that one simple appliance makes life so much easier!!

  2. funny about the bathroom, I feel the same way about our downstairs hallway now, as open-door peeing is a cornerstone of my parenting approach.

  3. I will stop being a lurker and leave a comment…ha! Congrats on the new house! I know you are enjoying the space. We have a two story house and I know how it is with little ones!

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