Today I ate chocolate icing for lunch.

Tried for a nap, and failed.  (I really could have used that nap.)

Am yet to shower.  Looks unlikely at this point.

Can hear a cat in heat, somewhere on our street.

In spite of these daunting facts, I am feeling pretty upbeat.

So that was my day.  Anyone else?

It is true. I do.

3 thoughts on “Today

  1. Started off the morning with a migraine and with my head in the toilet.

    Grannie to the rescue, a nap, a shower, and all was well.

    Let Sam skip his nap, which meant he and Noah were asleep by 8:15.

    However, my morning coffee was pushed back to 1:30 pm and so Austen is still awake at 10.

    So close.

  2. Oh yeah, and I ended the night on the couch with the husband, watching one of “his” shows which I now secretly love. He ate a bowl of grapes while I polished off a package of Oreos.

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