A Valuable Lesson (or two)

I went to Circa last week (a local antique/junk store) in search of a piece of furniture for our living room.  I had the cash in my bag, ready to spend and get what I wanted.  A friend was at my house, manning the home front while the kids slept, so I could get out.  I had been wanting a piece of furniture in this room for the past month.  So this was precious time.  I had to capitalize on it.

Problem was, I quickly realized, that I didn’t know what I wanted.  Halfway through my limited time away from the house, sans kids, I could feel myself breaking down.

If you’ve ever been to Circa or a store like it, maybe you can feel my pain.  Three big old rooms of furniture and stuff.  Some of it is junk and some is treasure.  For example, in which category would you place these mannequin arms?  Junk or treasure?

No, not creepy at all.  Seriously.

Imagine me staring at this bin and wondering if I should buy a fake arm for my house.  A FAKE ARM.  Some people are hip enough to make that cool but I am not one of them.  Yet I considered it.

But let’s not get sidetracked by a bin of arms.  Such a waste of time.  Back to the story.  Time was ticking away as I wander through aisle after aisle of dusty furniture.  Analysis paralysis has set in.  I am contemplating fake arms.  I needed backup.

It was a great time to call my friend Megan.  She has opinions and will share them when asked.

So, lesson one when contemplating a big purchase:  Bring a friend.  What was I thinking, trying to make this decision on my own?  Me versus Circa?  I’m doomed.  Some people can pull the trigger on their own, I cannot.  Have years of counseling taught me nothing about myself?  [Sigh].  Rookie mistake.

Fast-forward a few days.  Megan enlists her husband to sit at the house while the kids nap and she goes with me to Circa.  The mister has weighed in with his opinion that the piece of furniture should provide seating.  [Huh.  Good thing I didn’t buy that buffet a few days’ prior.]  Megan and I sit on various dusty treasures and finally pinpoint one that will work for the space.  It provides seating and storage.  With a little spray paint and some new hardware, it will be really cute.

Lesson number two:  Be realistic.  There is so much to see in Circa, and so many of the pieces would be cute if I just stripped it, sanded it down, restained it, and got new hardware for it.

Yeah, right.  Like that’s going to happen.  Even spray painting something seems like a big effort right now.  I might not even get around to that.  So yeah- know thyself.  Nothing is more defeating than staring at that project you’ve been meaning to get around to for the past two years, as it sits in a place of prominence in your home.

The hubs picked the new furniture up and brought it home for me and I am still getting used to it.  I realized when he brought it in that I kind of don’t want to do much to it, by way of painting and the like.  The reason (aside from laziness)?  If I make it look nice and cute, it will highlight how dingy and bland the rest of my living room is.  If it is all dingy and bland, then maybe no one will notice…

If I gather up my energy to paint it, what color should I choose?  I have a navy couch and chair and a bright green table in the same room.  Or should I just leave it and get some cute hardware at World Market?

This feels like one of those posts where I just ramble on for a while.  Fake arms.  Dusty furniture.  Thank you, to those of you who read this entire post.  That is all for now.


7 thoughts on “A Valuable Lesson (or two)

  1. Fake arms are more than a little creepy.
    I want to see the rest of the room/house.
    I like the piece.
    It’s very designery to call things a “piece.”

  2. I like the changing the hardware idea. So maybe now you need to pick out a nice fabric to tie the room together and have a pillow top made?


    Or October’s goal could be to learn to make a pillow top? Although I have noticed that most of my DIY projects end up costing me more in the end. Or I buy all the supplies and never get around to the project. Take for instance the $75 I spent on fabric for the guest room curtains I was supposedly going to make….

    • i have a muffin top- does that count?


      i think hardware is the route i will go. let’s be honest- i’m not hauling that thing outside again. i’d probably leave it out there, it would get rained on, etc etc.

  3. Sounds like you have a lot of color in the room with the navy and green and you have wood floors, so I would paint it white and change the knobs. A lot of times I just leave things in the room and paint them with a roller/brush because it’s easier than moving it out to the garage.

    • I’ve been trying to ignore this comment out of sheer laziness, but since you said it I haven’t been able to look at this piece in the same way. I think a coat of white would look really nice. Great call on just painting it in place. I think I can swing that, with some careful brushwork and a big dropcloth.

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