Burned Beans

That’s what our house currently smells like.  In an effort to save money on groceries, I bought some dried black beans and soaked them last night.  I was going to cook them a couple of hours ago, so I turned that burner way up, added a lot of water to those beans, then…  uhh…  answered emails.  Watched Glee (I liked that show so much in the beginning.  Now I sort of watch it because I’m compulsive and tend to watch what I’ve always watched.  It was not worth burning beans over).  Did who-knows-what-else while I was, apparently, burning beans.  It smells terrible in here.

Probably angry about the smell.

I was reading this the other day about how to freshen up your living space with a few houseplants.  I could use a few of those.  Our house smells a little stale to me sometimes.  But I don’t think a spider plant will kill this burned bean smell.  Instead, I used a Bath and Body Works room spray that I’m pretty sure my college roommate and I bought for our dorm room in 1997.  You read that right.  I am still using a room spray from 1997.  Toasted hazelnut.  What- have they discontinued that one?  Along with Sun-Ripened Raspberry?  And Freesia?  I loved that stuff.

Anna and I were such cheap-asses that I’m sure we split the cost right down the middle.  Or maybe I paid her off at the end of the semester for my half of the room spray.  Deducting the approximate amount for how many times we had sprayed it over the year and, therefore, reduced the amount remaining in the can.  There are 1.5 ounces in this can, people.  CHEAP.


10 thoughts on “Burned Beans

  1. My boys have some Axe that you can borrow, and spray around the house. In fact, you can keep it.

    • isn’t that, like, 4 ounces at least? i would have that until they both graduate from college. easily. thanks for the offer. i’ll swing by and pick it up later.

  2. I’m so glad you still have that bottle of toasted hazelnut! I’d been wondering where I put that…

    Did it work? Or does it smell like burnt hazelbeans now?

    Also, inspired by your post, I just checked my bathroom closet and found not only a bottle of lotion I remember getting as a gift in college (spring of 2000) but also some perfume that I wore in HIGH SCHOOL. Perhaps it’s time to let some things go.

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