As the leaves begin to change, so shall my goal…

Mariah and I have similar closets.

It is October.  Today the high is 78.  Monday I’m pretty sure the high was in the 50’s.  This is the perfect month to tackle a new goal for the month:

Wear every item of clothing I own at least once. 

The inspiration?  It was my friend Lisa’s idea.  She threw a few different ideas my way, and this was the one that stuck.  I wholeheartedly agree with whoever said that we tend to wear 20% of our clothing 80% of the time.  Hear, hear.  Isn’t that true?  On any given day, when it is chilly out, stop by my house and see if I’m wearing a pair of black workout pants and a black Patagonia fleece over it.  Or dark-rinse jeans and solid, long sleeve shirt.  In the summer- gray skirt, with a tank top or tee shirt on top.  Same gray skirt.  Maybe 5 different tops.

So yeah- I have pretty standard uniforms that I rotate through.  But I definitely have way more clothes than that in my closet.  And I don’t need all of them.  Some of them I don’t even like!  And when I am actually on top of the laundry situation there’s no way I can fit all my clothes in my closet.  Because all of those mostly-unworn clothes are taking up too much space!

This is not my closet.  Not even close.  But you know what I notice about it?  Besides the fact that this woman only prefers shades of green or khaki?  There is room for her to put her clothes away without having to wrestle them in there.  Really something to aspire to, am I right?

At the end of the month, I should have a nice pile of clothes that I have not worn, or have worn and remembered why I never wear them.  I will distribute these clothes amongst any friends who want them and donate the rest.

Time for FAQ:

1.  How will you remember if you’ve worn it or not?  For closet items, I’ll turn all the hangers around in my side of the closet.  Once I wear an item once I’ll turn the hanger back around the normal way.  For shelf items (sweaters and jeans), I’ll rely on memory.  For dresser items, I’m rotating my clothes so the tops of my shirts and tank tops are toward the front of the dresser.  Once I wear it, it gets refolded (of course- I never stuff wads of clothes in my dresser) and put back in with the top of the shirt toward the back of the dresser.

2.  Does that include summer clothes?  Well, with highs in the low 80’s or high 70’s, I could probably wear a lot of those summer clothes at least once.  Not sure I’ll get through them all, but I’ll try.  I’ll also rely on whether or not I wore them consistently this summer.

3.  Maternity?  Not applicable at this time.  And those clothes are mostly lent out right now to various friends in various stages of pregnancy or post-pregnancy.

4.  What about your delicates?  That is none of your business.  Why would you ask something like that?

Yesterday I put on a yellow shirt that I thought I liked.  After I put it on, I remembered why I never wear it.  Reason #1- Hole in the front left of the shirt, sort of in the upper quadrant of the shirt.  Not good placement.  Teeny tiny hole, but still there.  Reason #2- After I wore it for about 15 minutes around the house, the bottom was all loosy and stretchy, while the middle still clung to my stomach and made me wish I had Spanx on or something.  Reason #3- It requires I wear a camisole or tank top under it.  I should have just stopped when I realized that.  Too much trouble.

Clothing item number one to be repurposed or donated.  Game on!




4 thoughts on “As the leaves begin to change, so shall my goal…

  1. This is a good one. They’ve all been good, mind you, but I’m in the middle of wardrobe reality these days, too.
    There’s a series I’m following on this blog-
    and it’s got me pinning things right and left and wanting to go shopping all the time. Not good, but it’s also helped me look at what I have with a more critical eye (just tossed another shirt into the donate pile yesterday) and pay attention to what that 20% of what I actually wear has in common.

    • ah yes. the more critical eye. so much better to find something you really like and pay extra, than so-so with a cheaper price tag.

      i imagine life post-pregnancy (with no plans for another…right?) changes the way you look at your wardrobe, too. hopefully a little less of those in-between sizes. right? right? that’s what happens?

      • Yes. Though I advise against giving away all your big girl pants after baby #2 when you *think* you’re finished. God may have other plans. (That may or may not have happened to someone I know very well.) I’m trying hard to follow the advice I’ve heard and ignored for so long- that we have to dress the body we have now at the size it is now. And I’m also making myself wear stuff that’s cute that I always want to “save” for a day that I’m going to be out and about and seen by millions of people. Today I’m wearing a skirt, long-sleeved shirt, and necklace and I’m not planning on going anywhere else but to and from school with Noah. But I feel cuter than I did yesterday, when I wore a tshirt and jeans.

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