Things to do today

1.  Take a nap.

That’s it.  Just that one thing.

It has been raining here for days and days.  I took the kids outside last night and they played in the mud for about an hour.  The little Monkey probably ate a half a pound of it.  Chicken kept filling her little plastic teapot with “coffee” (muddy water) and pouring it on the neighbor’s plants.  (That’s cool, right Caroline?).  For that hour, I was that crunchy granola mom who really experiences the moment with her kids.  We’re playing in the rain!  Dirty clothes be damned!  Eating mud is good for you!  (I really did pat myself on the back for all of that).

I have hung curtain rods and pictures this week.  I made a light box for the kids yesterday (which I was way more excited about than they were.  Trying not to take it personally…).  I have been busy.  Tonight I’m going to get my grub on at Chili’s with some good friends.

Before that, however- a nap.  I think it has been earned.

In other news- how annoying is it that I keep changing this blog layout?  I can’t find a template that I really like.

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