The clothing update

Day 16 of my goal to wear all of my clothing at least once, in 31 days.  So far the summer clothes are a total failure.  I thought I would be layering tank tops under cardigans or something cute like that but- nope.  So I’m concentrating my efforts on my fall/winter clothes.

I have uncovered a few pairs of pants that I forgot how much I loved.  I think I had it firmly in my mind that these various pants didn’t fit.  Something about that dang baby weight that it, apparently, takes 18 months to lose.  It turns out that they do fit (though maybe not quite as comfortably as before.  But still- they zip.  I’ll take it).  And I have been missing out on valuable wearing opportunities!

I remember talking to my friend Anna several months ago about our mutual tendency to hold onto clothes forever and ever and never get new ones.  She was talking about how she was crouching down to pick something up and felt a little tear in the knee of her jeans.  Her immediate reaction was “What the crap?  These are my new jeans!”.  Then, upon further reflection, she realized that these jeans, the newest ones that she owned, were at least 5 years old.  FIVE YEARS.  Can anyone else relate?  Anna and I are not too different from each other in this regard.  (See this story for more on our mutual cheapness and tendency to hoard).

In my closet are piles of sweaters that I no longer wear, but they still feel “new” to me, so I hold onto them.  Right now we have so many sweaters and jeans piled up on the shelf above our hanging rod that I am sort of scared to even pull one out for wearing.  I am throwing sweaters up to the top of the pile and hoping it doesn’t set off an avalanche of clothing.  Some of these sweaters will have to go.  I have two more weeks to make myself wear some of these things, to better inform my decisions about what gets tossed.

Also- what is a better way to store your sweaters?  Piles of sweaters just tip over and make a mess.  If I put them on hangers, I’m pretty sure they’ll get those little pointy things on the shoulders.  I’m totally open to suggestions.

One thing I have noticed is that I wear solid color clothing.  All the time.  I have two striped shirts and one print shirt in my closet.  All the rest- solids.  What do you notice about my living room?

Solid colors!  I dare you to find one pattern in the entire room.  Impossible!

Apparently I decorate the way that I dress.


7 thoughts on “The clothing update

  1. Not only do I not see patterns, I don’t see the 11*14 family picture I sent you guys. Where are you hiding that gem?

    I’ve definitely heard that we dress our house the way we dress ourselves. And while I don’t know how true that is, I can say we spend about as much money dressing our house and we do dressing ourselves (zero. hand-me-downs. consignment, etc.)

    I too have teetering sweater stacks. I’ll be checking back for the clever answer that someone else comes up with.

  2. i use a laundry basket to store my sweaters in. generally they are folded… folded-ish… okay sometimes just stuffed … in the basket but it keeps them all together in one place with no risk of avalanche and easy to pull down off the shelf, sift through for what i want to wear and then put back up out of sight.

    • i thought about this idea this morning. i went to get a pair of pants and got with it two pairs of jeans, a sweatshirt, and two sweaters. i was standing there, throwing things back into my closet and hoping they would stay where they were and not tumble down again.
      we have a high bed. maybe a couple of baskets under my side of the bed would be a good idea for the winter months. i really like the basket idea…

  3. Um, I’m with you….needing new jeans right now…feeling like I just bought a super expensive pair of joes jeans and don’t want to spend a ton…then realized I bought that new nice pair in cville…meaning they are 5 years old…so 120 divided by 5 is $24 a year. Pretty good. Ah, how do we get over being cheap and instead dress in a way that others don’t have to tell us to stop wearing a pair of old shoes ( has happened to me).

    • i did want to talk to you about those shoes…

      haha. j/k

      i think i remember when you got those jeans. it was a big deal- a big splurge, but one i totally thought was worth it. i mean- $24/year for jeans you love? so worth the money. better than all the old navy jeans i have bought in years’ past, trying to convince myself i like them, only to get them home and realize i really don’t.

      you had a baby! you deserve some new jeans!

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