Things I Feel Guilty About Saying to My Children

Chicken:  “Mommy will you play with me?”

Me:  “No.  Not now.  Maybe in a minute.”  (Or maybe not.  Because I don’t want to crawl around and play lions anymore.  Or talk in little voices while we play with spoons or whatever object you have.  That is super-cute for about two minutes and then I’m bored of it and would rather wash dishes.  Yes, I would rather wash dishes right now than crawl around playing lions for 2 more minutes.)

Chicken:  “Will you read this book to me?”

Me:  “Sorry, Chicken.  Not now.”  (What kind of terrible mother declines reading to her child?  Who cares if the books are lame and we’ve read them thousands of times before?  Read them again, you negligent mother!)

Chicken:  “I’m thirsty.”

Me:  “Oops!  I forgot your water.  Sorry!  We’ll get some when we get home.”  (I really need to keep a sippy cup in the car for the kids…  This is the third time this week they’ve been without water for hours on end.)

But then I make something like this and totally redeem myself:

A light box!  Inspired by this blog:  Play at Home Mom (I can read this blog and either feel pathetic or inspired.  On this particular day, I chose to feel inspired).

I used a plastic storage box we already had under the bed, two lamp kits (one had previously been used for this project, back in March), and some spray paint from the dollar store.  There is a good step-by-step tutorial here that I followed loosely.  When the kids woke up the next morning, they had this little spread waiting for them.

Oh, the sensory play!  The colors!  The scooping and dumping!  The sorting!  I can just feel them getting smarter.  We are having such a Montessori moment.

They made a huge mess on the floor- all that purple colored salt!- but I didn’t care.  It felt like redemption for so much of the mom guilt I had accumulated over the past few days.

Are you looking for Mom of the Year?

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6 thoughts on “Things I Feel Guilty About Saying to My Children

  1. At least you haven’t ever yelled to your kid, “and this is why I could never homeschool you.” Boy that one came back with a nice bite in the ass 🙂

    Looks awesome! I love when they are so enthralled that now you dont HAVE to play with them 😉 I totally empathize!

  2. I bet when Chicken starts reading on her own, you’ll play the “Hey- you can read it yourself/you can read that to your brother” card and never read to them again. *I* would *never* do that with Noah, but it sure sounds like you will.

  3. Oh man, were you in my house this morning? That was my conversation with my kiddo. (And my thoughts! Almost verbatim.) I need to go make my little one a Light box too. And maybe play with it myself, that looks SO cool!

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