Things Which Have Transpired

Since I last posted:

1.  We got a dishwasher.  I have written before about how this is a new thing for us.  When we moved into this house, the dishwasher was broken.  We sort of let it mock us for two months before we got a new one this past Saturday.  Saturday night we gathered around for the great inaugural wash.  Oh, listen to how quiet it is!  Smart wash- let’s try that one.  It sounds like the best one.  Sunday night we were talking in the living room and I told the hubs I felt like I was getting away with something– just sitting in there talking while something did all the hard dishes work for me!

Except we were gathered around a dishwasher.

Have I mentioned that we have washed dishes by hand for six years now?

I set the table for us plus three UVA students on Sunday night and was just flinging plates and bowls out there with reckless abandon.  It really changes hosting when you’re not hand-washing five of everything.  Glory be.

2.  We lost internet for almost two weeks.  I won’t go into the terrible details about how sleazy we were- poaching internet off various neighbors here and there.  We had the intention of splitting the cost and making it legit but never did and then the plug was pulled before we had the official conversation about it.  We’ve been offline until today.  I wish I could say I took up sculpting and reading the great works in my spare time, but I’m pretty sure all I did was sleep more.

3.  I have gotten rid of a green turtleneck sweater that was always too hot to wear, a bubble-gum pink shirt that I only liked wearing every fifth time I put it on, and a few shirts that really hugged my gut.  Who needs any of that?  At the same time, my friend Sara was getting rid of a box of clothes.  Out with the old, in with the new.  Well, new to me.  It was also out with the old for me.  But I love a good hand-me-down.  I have also tamed the tumbling pile of sweaters in my closet, thanks to a suggestion from this old post of yore.



C'mon buddy. Try to look happy.


Really getting into the spirit of things.

It’s good to feel that artificial light of the laptop again…  The warmth on my cheeks…  Ah, internet.  Welcome back.

2 thoughts on “Things Which Have Transpired

  1. You dressed my grandson as a carrot?????????? What’s wrong with a pirate or cowboy? Give the kid a gun or knife, for the love of God.

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