Thiiiiis close to losing my mind completely

Some days feel like a battle of the crazies between my 3 year old and me.

It is logic versus the 3 year old.  Reason versus the 3 year old.  Patience, consistency, flexibility- all versus the 3 year old.

Here are a few of the questions and comments I fielded today:

“Why do we look at people?”

“Mommy, do you see that truck?  See it?  See it over there?  [Where?  I can’t see where you’re pointing- I’m driving…  No, Chicken- I don’t see it.]  YES YOU DO MOMMY YOU SEE IT!”  repeat 5 times.

“Is it Valentines Day yet?  Why is Miss Megan’s baby coming out on Valentine’s Day?”

“Why are they getting married?  [Because they love each other]  Why is he jumping?  [Because he’s so happy]  Why is he so happy?  [Because he’s in love and he got married]  Why did he get married?”

I remember before I had kids of my own, having so much patience for these questions.  I would visit my sister and answer my niece’s queries with joy.  Marriage?  What a great question!  Here’s a real teaching moment!  Let’s really get into it!  Let’s see… we could start with love, then talk about commitment, the covenant, inviting friends and family into the moment…

Now, as I have answered that particular question on a semi-daily basis for about 5 months now, the joy has really left me.  The sparkle has worn off.

Today, I admit defeat.  I hated the questions.  Despised the repetition.  There were the questions, then there was repeating the same thing I have said every day for the past three years.  [We wash our hands every time we go potty.  Yes we do!  Go wash.]  I was completely worn down.  By 2:00 I had throw in the towel and might have yelled more than once.  Like maybe 700 times.  Naptime could not come soon enough.

So- here’s a question for other moms.  Once child number two is talking (ours is not quite yet), will child number one then talk to child two instead of me?  Please?  Just, like, every once in a while?  Because that might help take the edge off a little.

Here’s what she said to me this evening:  “Mommy, I love the sound of your voice.”

Tomorrow we get to start all over.



8 thoughts on “Thiiiiis close to losing my mind completely

  1. Of course she’ll talk to Monkey. She’ll boss him around, yell at him, use YOUR tone of voice with him, use YOUR phrases with him, ignore him, tell him he’s annoying her.
    So much to look forward to.
    I remember 3 very well- it is “Why?” ALL.THE.TIME. It’s crazy.

  2. I was just saying the other day how I felt like May and I always understood each other. . . until she started talking. Now it’s constant guess work and a lot of stares from her that suggest, ‘no, mom, that’s not what i was talking about.’

    And she’s only 1.5; looks like it’ll be a while before things look up in the conversation department.

    Try giving chicken a tape recorder and showing her how to record her questions. Then she can play them for sweet hubs and he can field them when he gets home. Plus it’ll be good for posterity.

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  5. Just found your blog, and was poking around! Love it! Well…I have 14 year old and 8 year old step daughters. Apparently, I am not the wicked step mother I always fear I will be, because they CONSTANTLY follow me around, and ask me a million questions, and they are 14 and 8!!! They follow me from room to room like little ducklings. “Why do you make the bed like that? Do people really build bomb shelters? Why do you fold the shirts like that?” My husband laughs out loud at their obsession with talking to me. At times, I have felt soooo guilty about being soooo annoyed! The irony: The 14 year old comes to me almost daily with great frustration “she is so annoyed with her 8 year old sister, and how she constantly follows her around, and watches her, and asks questions”……oh the humor. The good news is, just when I feel that I will run pajama clad, into the street, screaming…one of them quietly tells me they love me, and that they are glad thier Daddy picked me to be thier step mother, and it is all ok, for another day.

    • “one of them quietly tells me they love me, and that they are glad thier Daddy picked me to be thier step mother, and it is all ok, for another day.”– how awesome!!!

      and here i assumed that by 14 my daughter would only sneer at me…

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