Solve It


1.  The smell of coffee makes me want to vomit.

2.  I have loved Spaghett-O’s, steak and cheese subs, and saltines a lot lately.

3.  But not salads.  Wish I could say salads.

4.  Yes, my life revolves around food.

5.  Also naps.

Do you know what this adds up to?



Wait for it…








Baby number 3 is due in mid-June!!  We are very very excited.

The day after I pee’d on the stick, we were standing at the top of the stairs and Chicken asked me “Do you have a baby in your tummy?”.  WEIRD.  I sort of dodged the question- we weren’t planning on telling the kids until I was out of the first trimester- but how’s that for a freaky coincidence?  Or child’s intuition?

So this one:

and this one:

Pics from Robinson Imagery. Great, right?

will have another one to fold into the general crazy and fun (and grouchiness and tantrums and questions… etc and so forth).


10 thoughts on “Solve It

  1. Spaghetti-O’s? Really? Pregnancy is weird.

    And exciting! Wooohoo!!!! (exciting when it’s you, or someone else that’s not me.)

  2. Oh Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUGE congratulations to you friends!!!!!!!!!! Yeah…i may have made several undercover trips to Taco Bell during my pregnancy…I mean – if my body needed sand and dog meat and whatever else is in that stuff to make another human, then I think you should just go with it… 🙂

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  4. Yeah!!!! Congratulations. Keep populating the earth (or at least Charlottesville) with those beautiful young’uns!

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