Things I Like and Things I Do Not Like

1.  I like grocery shopping by myself, without my kids.  I do not like getting the cart with the jacked up wheel that pulls hard to the left the whole time.

someone finally went "office space" on this one

2.  I like finding an outfit that is comfortable and flattering and wearing it for a couple of days in a row (assuming it did not get gross or stinky).  Stay at home moms can swing that sometimes, since we often have different schedules from day to day.  I do not like seeing the same person on the second day unexpectedly and getting busted for repeating the outfit.

3.  I like my Mac.  I do not like that the screen goes black when you open it more than 45 degrees.  Picture how awkward that is for me.  Imagine my suffering.

4.  I like that I am pregnant.  I do not like the “I just look like I gained weight for no reason and I am not big enough for maternity clothes to explain it” phase.

5.  I like using vaseline on my lips to keep them moisturized.  I do not like being unable to find one tube out of the 17 I know I have lying around the house.  It is winter.  Sometimes I feel desperate.

One more:

56.  I like Christmas music on the radio.   I do not like “Hey Santa” by Wilson Phililps (I dare you to not have it in your head all day) or “Christmas Shoes”.   The latter is just terrible.



2 thoughts on “Things I Like and Things I Do Not Like

  1. Per #56, How about “Last Christmas I Gave You My Heart”- about someone who sleeps around and hopes this year to be called back the next morning. Hate that song, it has nothing to do with Christmas except the word Christmas in it, and now Taylor Swift has a version for my girls to sing along to- BOOO! I will now step off my soapbox.

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