Still searching for the perfect gift for your baby-mama?

Let me help you out.

Time.  Responsibility-free, guilt-free, kid-free TIME.

I just said good-bye to six good friends from college who converged on Charlottesville for the weekend.  They traveled from Austin, Orange County, Richmond, DC, Virginia Beach, and right here in C’ville.  For the past two days, we have talked, eaten, knitted, painted, shopped, and talked some more.  It has been great.  We had brunch together this morning and then they all got on the road to go.

Do you know what my husband said when we spoke this morning?  “Take as long as you want.  I’ll plan on seeing you sometime around dinner.  Take a nap, relax.   Do whatever.”

Not- “Your friends are gone?  Come home, please, and help with the kids.  I’m tired.”


And he ran 21 miles yesterday!  So I know he is weary.

I am so thankful for him.

Husbands out there- stellar gift.  Stellar.  Can’t recommend it highly enough.



One thought on “Still searching for the perfect gift for your baby-mama?

  1. LOVE it. What an awesome guy who knows exactly what you need! Mine is pretty awesome like that too. We are so blessed!!

    Hope you had an awesome Christmas… and Happy New Year!!!

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