Three Little Things

Here are three little things that I’ve done in the past two weeks, that feel like a million bucks.  Only exaggerating slightly.

1.  Cleaned the inside of my microwave.  Last January, during my 5 things challenge, I got rid of my microwave splatter cover.  It was that plastic thingy that sits in our microwave, to cover dishes so they don’t explode all over our microwave.  I can’t say I’ve missed it at all.  Like I mentioned, we usually balanced our dishes on top of the cover out of sheer laziness.

Whether it is because of the missing splatter cover or just a few reheated soups gone wrong, our microwave was pretty gross.  I was embarrassed when our babysitters or friends would come over and use it.  I probably wallowed in this embarrassment for a couple of months.  I would open the microwave and think “I should really clean this.  It’s is so gross.”  Then I would continue on with my day.  Sometimes I even thought about writing “clean out microwave” on my to-do list.

Sometime about a week or so ago, I decided to just clean it.  It took about…3 minutes total.

I filled a bowl about halfway with water and squirted some lemon juice in it.  I think I read that somewhere once.  I heated the water up in the microwave for about 2 minutes, which softened all the nasty gunk.  Spent about a minute wiping said gunk off.  Done.

2.  Purchased and addressed birthday cards for my nieces and nephews.  In the comments section of my last post (The Year in Review) my friend Jennifer suggested handwritten cards/notes in 2012.  Acknowledging my nieces and nephews birthdays has been on my goal list for the past several years.  I chronically fail.  This is in spite of a Google calendar setting that reminds me of these birthdays well in advance.  I was at the Rite-Aid last week in my hometown (Purcellville residents, what is up with so many pharmacies in our little town?  Is this really necessary?) and decided to pick out the birthday cards then and there.

Like the microwave episode of 2011, I considered not getting them and saving that task for later.  Why?  No good reason.  I didn’t have my kids with me, which pretty much makes it the best possible opportunity to pick out cards.  So I just did it.  They are now addressed and stamped and ready for a little birthday message when the time comes.

3.  Cleaned blue detergent grossness off the laundry closet floor.  It had pooled up on the floor around where our detergent bottle sat.  For my internal processing and thoughts on this matter, please see item #1.  Timeline was generally the same.  Time to fix the problem was roughly 1 minute.

Let this inspire you!  What are the few-minute tasks you have been thinking you should do?  Maybe today is that magical day!

7 thoughts on “Three Little Things

  1. 1. ditto- laundry soap gunk in our cabinet.
    2. wipe down those handy little spice jar “steps” that are in the cabinet, covered with spices and honey.
    3. tighten the legs on that cart in my kitchen that i refuse to let my children be within 6 inches of because of fear that everything on top of said cart (hot coffee, glasses, etc) will crash down upon them. actually, this is on the honey-do list.
    there are others. thanks for the inspiration kat.

  2. You’re an inspiration!

    Of course, I can’t think of a single thing I want to accomplish right now.

  3. I’m thinking your microwave was not gross until your neighbors stayed at your house for a week…and, I know the only reason it may have been messy was because said neighbors used it and did not clean it!!! thanks again, btw….you guys are life-savers. 🙂

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