To-Do List for January

This time last year I was cleaning out my kids’ toys on a rare morning where they decided to sleep in until 9:30.  (As I re-read that, even I am shocked.  9:30?  Wow.)  This was part of my January 2011 goal to get rid of 5 things a day.  It was an awesome goal and one that I am so glad I did.

Fast-forward a year, and my circumstances are pretty different.  We’re no longer in a two bedroom apartment.  We have just about doubled our square footage with our move in August.  We have closets to spare.  None of this was the case last year, which constantly motivated me to purge purge purge.  I am also a compulsive person sometimes, which really helps the cause.


Yesterday some friends were over with their super-cute little newborn, and we were talking about how, when you have the extra space, you just sort of fill it up.  Such has been the case with our new place.  We have all of these closets we’ve never had and they hold stuff that I can just sort of ignore.  Ironically, just a few months ago I wrote about how this very thing would not happen, just because we have the space.  Oops.

Not quite this stuffed, but not too far either.

So- January goal.  Get rid of that stuff.  I am constantly Goodwill’ing things, but I have a stockpile of stuff that I have been wanting to Craigslist for months now.  THIS IS THAT MONTH.

Here’s my list.  It will go to Goodwill in February if it is not sold by January 31:

microwave [Yes, we have a spare microwave in our closet.  Seriously.]

placemats and matching napkins  [Cute.  Used them for a season.  Done with them.]

Christening/baptism gown  [Not my style, even though we do the whole young’un-baptism thing.]

Camera with lens and carrying case  [I have never gotten the hang of this camera, which is from the 70’s.  Someone else will love it, though.]

Green IKEA rug from the kids’ room  [Can I please write one thing on there that I’ve already sold?  It makes me feel like I have momentum going.]

Modem and router  [One month old.  I officially threw in the towel with Comcast yesterday.  We’re paying our neighbors to share wireless with them.  Comcast was a pain in my tail from the first day.]

So there you have it.  My list of things to get out of my house by the end of the month.

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