Really Reaganing

This has been one of those weeks where I have this compulsion and drive to get lots of stuff done.  That is very crassly called “gsd,” for “gettin’ shit done” around this house.  As in:

Hubs:  Hey.  How was your day?

Me:  Great.  I was really gsd.

We have both been known to say that on more than one occasion.

On weeks like this I know I have to go with it, because the feeling doesn’t last long.  I never really know when it will fade, but it will.  This is the week that I bake and clean and create and make things and cross lots of stuff off a list.  Then I add more stuff to the list and keep crossing that stuff off too.  Then- wait for it- next week I will serve frozen pizza all week and watch hulu the entire time the kids are down.  You will find no sign of anyone “gsd” around here.

This week I made granola energy balls with the kids, returned or exchanged all gifts that required such action (no- not yours, of course!), finished a scarf I was working on, did at least 6 loads of laundry AND put it all away (this is where I always falter), MADE A POT RACK FOR MY KITCHEN (more on that later), and generally ruled as a mom the whole time.   Add in diapers and meals and all of that too.



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