Grinding Halt

Remember these good old days?  Well, they have come and gone.  That ship has sailed, my friend.  Yesterday I laid in bed during the kids’ naptime, willing myself to get up and vacuum my nasty floors.  You couldn’t dream of walking barefoot in our house because you’d pick up dried noodles and oatmeal and probably tetanus just in walking through the dining room.  Forget about the kitchen.

It was nice while it lasted.

Back to the downside of the cycle.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane, though.  Shall we?

I mentioned a pot rack.  I have been wanting a way to hang the pots in our kitchen for a while.  Two reasons: convenience and appearance.  We have a white-on-white kitchen.  The walls are white, the trim is the same white, and the floors are just a shade different- but still white.  So I thought a shot of color would be nice.  I looked on pinterest for ideas, but never found the perfect solution.

I don’t know if this is the perfect solution, but I like it:

The best part of this pot rack is that I did it by myself.  Usually I come up with these “easy” ideas and then, halfway through, have to plead with the hubs to help me or bail me out altogether.  This time- all me.

Cost of pegboard: $17 (cut to size at Lowes)

Cost of spraypaint: $5

Cost of hardware: $5

Total: $27

This is the hardware that the guy at Meadowbrook Hardware helped me pick out:

1.  Drywall anchor that requires a little pre-drilling, then you use the drill to turn it into the hole (no tapping in with a hammer, which I have done with anchors before and can sometimes be a smooshed-anchor disaster.  This also seems easy to get back out of the wall if/when we ever move this thing.  No yanking out with pliers- just get it out like your basic wall screw.  Easy peasy.)

2.  Wood screw to put either in the stud on the wall or in the drywall anchor, if no studs are to be found.

3.  Nut to put in between the wood screw and the anchor, so the pegboard sticks out just enough from the wall to get the handy pot hangers in place.  If the pegboard was flush solid against the wall, I couldn’t put these little pot-hanging thingys through the pegboard holes, which sort of makes the whole “hanging pots” null.

4.  Then this little ditty for actually hanging the pots.  Notice that I bite my thumbnails.  No other nails, just those thumbs.  When looking at the photograph, I see how gross my thumbnails look:

Oh well.

This took me two afternoons to finish.  I painted the pegboard outside one day, then let it sit there for a few days.  The smell is pretty nasty if you just bring it right inside- off gas that thing elsewhere.  It took me another afternoon, while the kids were napping/having room time to finish.  Total of maybe 2 hours, tops.

If I sound like I know what I’m doing with this whole thing, just know that I had to google “nut and bolt” to properly identify the the little metal doughnut looking thing.


It would look nice and even more “finished” if I had some sort of framing around it.  But I don’t know how to do that and I am generally content with B+ work, so it will stay this way.

I also should have cleaned up the bottoms of those pots for the sake of presentation.  And quit biting my thumbnails.  B+, ya’ll.


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