Really Hitting that Wall Hard

"Put him in a body bag, Johnny!"

I know that my energy for home-things tends to go in cycles, but this is ridiculous.  There is no regaining that zest I once had for cooking, cleaning, or taking care of my children.  I am living in filth and squalor but cannot make myself care enough to do anything about it.

On Friday, as the hubs was working late and I was eating Cheerios for dinner, I wished with all of my heart that my youngest would just zone out in front of a screen like his older sister.  She would have watched shows on the laptop until bedtime.  But, alas, the little Monkey needed actual attention.  Like, attention that required me to get up off the couch every 10 minutes.  Woe is me.  I tried yelling at him from my spot on the couch but that didn’t work.  Imagine that.

My neighbor came over and asked if I was really feeding the kids cereal for dinner.  He said if it were him, he would have made something earlier in the day and then reheated it for dinner.  I almost socked him.

Pregnancy getting me down?

I don’t know…maybe…  It’s like an energy drain.



6 thoughts on “Really Hitting that Wall Hard

  1. i realize i don’t have children yet so i can’t yet imagine the constant need of those little people. maybe it would help if you had days when it was really okay to lay on the couch (as much as children will allow) and eat cereal for dinner. i try not to do any house stuff for most of the weekend, but definitely not on sundays. as the house gets messier and messier i know its okay because monday is coming and i’ll clean up then. then it is actually more exciting to have a picked up (if not clean) house because of how crazy it had gotten. just a thought — if i thought i had to be organized/efficient/excited every day i wouldn’t appreciate the days when i actually am.

    • that’s a good perspective. i can’t expect to be firing away full steam, all the time. usually by friday i am just kind of done with the whole home-making thing. then- you’re right- mondays my energy for it usually picks up again.

  2. i am 100% sure you are not living in filth and squalor… You do know if you ever need to feel better about the state of your house, feel free to come on over to 911 and you’ll leave thinking, “man, my house is spotless compared to that place”. : -)

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