Good Clean Fun

Like many others, I have gotten sucked into Pinterest in varying degrees over the past few months.  Initially I was on it constantly.  It was like those first few days on Facebook, when it was all magic and rainbows.  (“I haven’t thought about that person in years!  Friend them?  Of course!  Spend 20 minutes looking at their vacation pictures?  Yes please!)

Then I would surface from some time clicking around on Pinterest, looking at various beautiful kitchens and bathrooms and feel nothing but shame and disgust for what a bland home I live in.  There’s not a penny tile in sight- how do I live with myself?  And though we have a (mostly) all-white kitchen, it’s no gleaming portrait of happiness like this one:


So yeah- my time on Pinterest has been limited lately.

One thing I looked up on Pinterest before Christmas rolled around was a gift idea or two for my nieces and nephews.  For the past few years, rather than buy each one of them (six on my side, two on the hubs’) a separate gift, I’ve opted for some sort of activity or craft to do together instead.  One of the first years I did it, I got this kit from Michaels:

Never really knowing if these wonders-in-a-box will actually turn out, we all tried it out a few days after Christmas and it was pretty cool.  Each of my nieces and nephews got to make a couple of bouncy balls and then they bounced the heck out of them, all over the house, for the next few hours.  Success.

Here’s what I did this year: flubber.  Found the link to this blog via Pinterest and decided to try it out with the kids for Christmas.  Not to pat myself on the back, but it was pretty much a huge success.  Better than the spin art kit or even the Shrinky-Dinks from last year.  We came home and made a batch here that my kids have been playing with for weeks now.  I store it in a tupperware and pull it out for that pre-dinner hour when I am prone to murderous thoughts toward my children, and they toward me.

Here’s the recipe:

In one bowl: 1.5 cups warm water, 2 cups Elmer’s glue, food coloring.  Stir together.

In second bowl:  3 tsp Borax (buy it at the grocery store, in the laundry detergent aisle), 1 cup warm water.  Stir together.

Mix first bowl into second.  Watch it firm up as it combines.  Flubber!

Give them a couple of butter knives and cups for playing and they are occupied for a while.  My nephew also figured out how to put a straw in it and blow enormous flubber bubbles.  Not many people can claim that skill.

Of course, he has to taste it.

Pinterest, you may have bested me with your all-white kitchens that I will never have, but you also gave me flubber.  For that I am thankful.



4 thoughts on “Good Clean Fun

  1. it’s safe to assume that by “food coloring” you mean something all natural, like the beet juice leftover from the healthy salad you made for lunch or blueberry pulp that you squeeze yourself…right?

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