Practicing What I Preach

We potty-trained Chicken when she was just over 2 years old.  It was a family affair that my sister-in-law took charge of when we were on a family vacation that summer.  I had my five month old little Monkey and I watched Susie teach Chicken how to go pee pee on the potty, then continued with the lessons once we were home and I was on my own.

This is not a post about potty training, but I have to add that this was a great way to kick off potty-training.  Every time she sat on the potty, all six of her older cousins would pile in the bathroom and chant her name.  If there was any potty action, both the potty-goer and the “encouragers” got Skittles as a reward.  I will never forget six cousins chanting “Go Ramsey go!” as she pee’d and pooped on the potty.

Chicken with her older cousin/potty encourager

Something that we started saying to her soon after that was to “listen to your body”.  When we saw her squirming around, obviously doing the pee-pee dance but not wanting to leave that enthralling toy, we say “listen to your body!  It’s telling you it needs to go potty.  Go!”.

In the grand scheme of things, I like this message in so many ways.  Listen to your body, and trust it to tell you when it needs to pee, when it is hungry, when it is full, when it wants to move and get exercise.  Especially as a girl, I want her to be connected to her body and learn early on to trust it and respond to it.

In the day-to-day scheme of things, I like that the message keeps her unders dry.

All this week my husband has been coming home to the leftovers version of me.  I’ve already used all of my energy cooking and baking and working on various things, so when he gets home I’m strung out.  I don’t enjoy myself in that state, day after day, and he probably feels similarly.

Yesterday the kids were down for naptime/room time and I was catching up on emails.  Quite clearly I heard my own voice in my head, saying “Listen to your body!”.  My brain said “no no- keep refreshing Facebook and responding to emails!” but my body said “Dear Lord, please sleep.”  I closed the laptop and was asleep in probably less than 7 seconds.

It was so nice to wake up from the nap and feel excited to spend time with my kids before my husband got home.  I had energy and enjoyment for the evening, and my kids and husband didn’t get purely the leftover version of myself.  So much more enjoyable for everyone.  The emails didn’t get answered, and the pictures I wanted to hang are still in the box on the floor.  Oh well.  Totally worth it.


10 thoughts on “Practicing What I Preach

  1. wise. so wise.
    last night’s episode of fat chef left me wanting to listen to my body (which is SCREAMING at me to EXERCISE). instead i joined the boys for hot chocolate and banana chocolate chip muffins this morning.

  2. I am still learning how to take a nap while the little one sleeps, so much blogging to read. I’m commenting, however, on the little brunette mini-version of Elizabeth in this photo with Ramsey. So sweet.

  3. Oh, my comment reads as anonymous but it’s me, steph. I love reading your blog Katherine! Good job and great writing : )

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