A Little Tip from Me to You

A few weeks ago I was in Roanoke, living the life of childless luxury.  My in-laws had come up for the weekend to keep our kids for us so we could go to my husbands’ annual work conference.  This meant he sat in lectures all day while I walked around Roanoke and did whatever I wanted for hours on end.  It was pretty damn awesome.

On Saturday afternoon I found myself at a bookstore, browsing the shelves, and I saw “Organized Simplicity“.  Some of you will probably gag at the very idea of this book, but titles like this are like siren songs to me, calling from miles away.  I bought it.  Didn’t even go home and try to find it for less on amazon or get it for free at my library.  Just bought it.  Wiiiiiild- I know.  And you thought you knew me as a cheapskate.

The book is full of good tips for people who like to…well…organize…and be simple…and stuff.  Here’s one take-away that I have implemented, which helps me with my long to-do list:

Create a list of your 3 Most Important Tasks (MIT) to accomplish that day.

For example, here’s my current to-do list:

  • paint trim
  • check out book on 4-year old development at the library
  • meal to TPC family
  • thank you note to MIL
  • pay Dr Ogan bill
  • finish making sweet potato burritos
  • diaper laundry
  • and about 17 other things that are about as exciting.

I can look at this list in the morning and feel a little bewildered as to where to start.  So Tsh suggests having your list of three MIT every day.  Because surely painting the trim in my house is not as time-sensitive as doing the diaper laundry.  One task can wait, one cannot.  Find your top three important tasks and make those your goal, not the entire list of 20-some odd things.

I tend to write down to-do’s as they occur to me in the evenings, just as I am trying to shut down my brain.  I keep paper and pen next to my bed so I don’t obsess about trying to remember them the next day.  Because willing myself to remember something usually doesn’t work.

Lest you think that I live a life of organized simplicity, let me show you my dresser/bedside table, where said paper and pen reside:

I know.  It is like my dresser threw up all over itself.

You can see why I bought this book, right?

Here is another tip, from me to you:  Do not watch yourself on film, walking away from the camera.  I did that this week and was horrified at what I saw.  My friend Lisa tries to tell me it was just the looseness of the dress, but I know she is trying to make me feel better.  My word.  Truly a sight to behold.

Aaaaand you’re welcome.


3 thoughts on “A Little Tip from Me to You

  1. Tsh’s ebook- One Bite at a Time– another life changer. I’m so on board with everything she says. Well, almost everything. I still despise Dave Ramsey. 🙂

    • I haven’t gotten the ebook yet, but give me time. I feel compulsive about finishing the work I am inspired to do from this book before I move on to another one.

      Why hate on DRamsey?

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