Things I Love

1.  My dishwasher’s lock button.  I can’t count how many times the little Monkey would have started the dishwasher otherwise, just because he loves to push those little buttons and watch them light up.

2.  My Mazda5.  Every time I have to parallel park on our street or get into a tight parking spot, I appreciate the smaller size of our mini-minivan.  And the sliding doors- groovy.  I can’t see going back to opening doors into other cars in the parking lot.  Also- it is stick shift and fun to drive.

Yes, I’m in the stage of life where a minivan brings a warm glowing feeling to my heart.

3.  Timolino coffee tumbler.  It doesn’t leak.  Seriously.  Just screw that little lid on, put it in my purse, then enjoy my hot coffee once I get to my destination.  What it is not good for: drinking in the car.  Unless you’re good with the open top thing.  There’s no little sipping option.

I like it for times like Sunday mornings, when I know I’ll be dropping my kids off in the church nursery then getting comfy for a class before church.  Or when I’m headed to a meeting and have my hands full with kids, purse, and a diaper bag.  I can still take my coffee but don’t have to balance it with everything else to get to the car.

4.  Wrist strap for my keys.  No more digging around in my bottomless pit of a bag while Monkey banana-backs in my arms, overtired and screaming to be put down.  Nope, now I keep my keys on my wrist and can get us in and out of the house and car with minimal drama.  The hubs asked my friend Mindy to make this for me as a Mother’s Day gift.  It has been well-used and enjoyed.

5.  My kids sleeping in.  I think it is because we turned the heat up and they weren’t frozen awake this morning.

It’s these little things (well, big things in the case of the car) that make life a little smoother some days.

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