Well, I’m Committed Now

When was the last project you embarked on where you paused (moment of fear) then just did it?

Mine was yesterday.  I commenced at 6:30 a.m.

We moved into this house in August of last year.  Since August of last year, I have said that I love our wall colors (off-white– what can I say, I’m a neutral girl) but wish we had bright white trim in our downstairs.  It would make the wall colors look more intentional, and not just what the contractor picked out, you know?

So since August I have looked at this trim, off white like the off white walls, and thought “I’d like to paint it bright white.  It won’t look right until it is bright white.  I MUST HAVE BRIGHT WHITE TRIM”.

This culminated in me holding a paintbrush at 6:30 a.m. yesterday.  My kids are still sleeping in late because of Daylight Savings (cue the Hallelujah Chorus) so I knew I had about an hour before they woke up- maybe even more.  It was go time.

Last minute nerves kicked in because, well, once you start painting trim you can’t really stop.  Right?  Did I really want to start this, knowing that I will probably be sick of it and grow weary like so many other projects I have started before?

Well.  Game on.  No turning back now.  Because if it just stayed like this it would look weird.

Here’s a few things that motivated me to take action, after seven months (SEVEN MONTHS) of compulsively thinking on this:

  • My friends Isaac and Megan had a baby and moved into a new house within a week of said baby’s birth.  In two days’ time, they painted their entire house INCLUDING THE TRIM, then moved right in.  Two days, people.  I’m not saying those were fun days, but man if they weren’t GSD.
  • My friend Carrie said she had read some study somewhere (totally legit, I promise) about how if you just put your time into doing the thing you think about, instead of just thinking about doing the thing…well, you’d be done with the thing.  I could have painted this trim seventeen times already, with the thought I have put into it.  At least.
  • My friend Pam told me about how she repainted the trim in her house and just did it a little at a time until it was done.  As opposed to the dreaded do-nothing-else-but-paint-the-trim-for-seven-days-straight-in-every-free-moment-I-have approach.  I hate that approach.

So I’ve probably put about two hours in total so far, with this very informative show on the global financial crisis on in the background.  And I’ve finished the kitchen trim.

Doesn’t it make the wall color look more intentional, and not just the default color?  Let’s see another shot.

There still is this tricky little matter of the seven doors that will need to be painted downstairs.  But I’m sure that situation will just remedy itself somehow.  [Holy smokes just realized I could use some of the money I made hawking various things on Craigslist to pay someone to do the doors for me.  Because trim is one thing, but all those doors…they might be the death of me.]  Wow.  The situation might have just remedied itself.

Here is what makes this painting less torturous for me.  Because I really do not like painting:

  • no taping
  • no dropcloth
  • no changing into paint clothes

I really live on the edge, don’t I?  Half of the pain of painting (for me) is the before and after process.  The taping.  The dropcloth.  The changing into paint clothes.  Then you paint, then you clean up.  And I never want to do that again the next day.  This time- I’m just pulling out the can of paint, painting for a 45 minute stretch, then wrapping the brush in plastic and putting it all back in the closet.  I got a nice brush and am trying the Young House Love method of not taping, and just going for it.  Carefully.

So.  What was the last project you finally did, after hemming and hawing for months?  I need the inspiration.





2 thoughts on “Well, I’m Committed Now

    • is it still nesting if the urge started seven months ago? i guess so, if pregnancy actually made me take action. hmm… wonder what else i’ll aspire to by the time this pregnancy is over.

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