Project Simplify: LordHelpMe the Pantry

It is week two of Project Simplify and this week I took a stab at the kitchen pantry.  (Here was week one’s project: the kids’ toys and clothes).  I was about 0.01% motivated to actually do this.  It was compulsion that drove me to actually do anything.  And the thought that I would just do 30 minutes, then quit.  I can do almost anything for that long.

By mid-day my back almost inevitably hurts, and today was no exception.  I have tried doing some prenatal pilates but haven’t done it consistently enough to know if it actually helps.  Also, my eye keeps twitching.  What the heck?

Wah wah boo hoo- this is why I didn’t really feel like cleaning out my pantry.  Old Twitchy Eye Magee over here would rather be in bed.

Okay.  Here’s what I have to show for my 30 minutes.  Let’s start with how it looked before:

Not bad.  Plenty of space in this pantry.  We have about a half of a square foot of cabinet space in this kitchen, so our pantry also holds our dishes and mugs.  We have yet another closet space in the kitchen that houses our baking dishes, crockpot, and other stuff.  And yet another closet for the washer and dryer.  Yeah, that’s a lot of closets in one kitchen.

Here’s the after:

Okay this is ridiculous because I am the one who did this pantry clean-out and I can barely see a difference in the two pictures.  If I had show the bottom of the pantry door you would at least see an empty shelf down there, cleared of some stuff.  Oh well.

Here’s what I did:

  • Moved our Sharpies and scissors up to the top of the door of the pantry.  I have mentioned before that my sister gave me this idea.  Recently Chicken has been fascinated with scissors and I am semi-terrified she will decide to cut her own hair, so I thought of moving the scissors out of reach.  Also so Monkey can’t go to town on any of our books- another fear I have.
  • Threw away spices that smell like dust.
  • Accumulate a bag of canned goods to donate to the Food Bank.  Two cans I will miss: chunky soup that brings me back to the old Jillian Michaels days.  Before my neighbor brought me her hand weights, these cans of soup were my attempt at weights.  Good bye chunky soup.
  • Moved all of our teas to an empty drawer by the coffee area.  Makes so much more sense.  Also: please never ever let me buy Earl Grey tea again.  We have three boxes and/or containers of it.  Tea, anyone?
  • Consolidated a few spices (why do I have three jars of nutmeg with a teaspoon in each?), and threw away a few that I’ve never used.

General grouping of like things together: baking goods, oils and vinegars, dry items in jars, and so forth.  Put that junk food up high where the kids won’t see it easily.  Pitch some food items we haven’t touched in…years?

With more energy I might have tackled the refrigerator and all those bottles we keep on our fridge door but rarely use.  Next time- fridge, watch your back.



8 thoughts on “Project Simplify: LordHelpMe the Pantry

  1. I think I might be partially responsible for the nutmeg issue in your pantry..and possibly some other random spices. 🙂

  2. MY eye has been twitching too. it used to do this at the last part of college and shortly after when i was working a ton. a doctor told me it was a combination of too much caffeine and not enough sleep. lately sleep hasn’t been 100% due to the fact that i get up approximately 5 times a night but it certainly hasn’t been bad and i have been having almost zero caffeine so i think this doctor’s diagnosis was bunk. either that or getting up so often at night is taking a much bigger toll than i think it is. right now – i am going with bunk.

  3. Good work, Kat. I didn’t have to do much this week, because our pantry is pretty much non-existent and I keep it pretty Nazi-organized anyway (it’s about the only place in the house that I do). So today found me cleaning my dining room floor- hands and knees- we’re talking serious cleaning here. (Don’t be too impressed, it’s the first time that anything more than sweeping has taken place since last August.) I also touched up the dining room paint.
    And I’m keeping the counters clear much more often. It’s like a breath of fresh air.

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