It Ain’t Rocket Science

But it sure took me a long time to figure it out.

“I can’t/won’t right now.  I’m doing something else.”

Seriously rarely said those words to my kids, until recently.

Exceptions: I’m reading something, checking my email, etc and am asked to come play, come read, come whatever.  At those times, I would say (with a large dose of guilt) “I can’t right now.  I’ll be there in a minute”.  And then I feel like crap because there is no reason I’m not reading to them except that I am engrossed in a blog or facebook or something that could wait until later.

But lately I’ve been saying it and NOT feeling guilty.  Why?  Because it just dawned on me that I don’t have to feel guilty for not stopping a legitimate activity to help out with my preschooler’s request.  For example:

“Mommy will you help me put on this dinosaur costume?”

“Not right now.  I’m making us lunches.  You’ll have to wait until I’m finished.”


“Mommy I finished my water.  Will you get me some more?”

“No.  I’m eating right now.  I’ll get it once I’ve eaten some of my lunch.”

“Mommy I’m THIRSTY.  Can I have water please?”

“Yes- after I eat a few more bites.  I’m hungry and grumpy and need to eat.  Then I will be happy to get you more water.”

See that?  See that- NOT getting up from the lunch or dinner table every 2 minutes?  See that- teaching my kids that they can and will be okay to wait?  And see me staying on one task until it is finished, and not feeling like I’m continually doing four things at one time?

I kid you not.  This is a new realization for me.

Sometimes I am slow on the uptake.


2 thoughts on “It Ain’t Rocket Science

  1. ha! i don’t know what ad everyone else saw at the end of your post, but i got to see an ad about some man taking over the world…fits perfectly with your content 🙂

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