Searches that have brought people to this blog:

“doing the pee pee dance”

“fake arm”

“manikin arm”

“today i can do anything”

“pee pee diapers”

Lots of searches on fake arms and pee.  Huh.

What I did this weekend:

Cheered for my husband and my sister-in-law as they ran a 10K.

Drove to South Caroline to spend this week with my sister and her fam.

Ate Chewy Runts on the road.  Felt gross as I ate them and thought they tasted gross.  Ate them anyway.

What I am reading about, via the interweb:

Having a “go to” outfit.  (I don’t know what mine is, but I bet it is stained and/or has a hole in it.  I splashed coconut oil on a favorite maternity shirt and cardigan a few weeks ago and I am still bitter.  Can’t get that darn stuff out!)

What I am reading, in actual paper form:

Bossypants, by Tina Fey

Product I finally bought, after months of contemplation and passive thoughts of “oh, I should get that the next time I’m at Target”:

Goo-gone.  I just got the sticker goo off these cups we bought in India 6 years ago.  Not joking.

What I thought to myself, the last time I went shopping at Target:

“I’m glad we don’t live very close by to Target.  I always buy too much stuff here…  Hey what’s that?  I want it!”




4 thoughts on “Lists

  1. Yep – we just moved about 2 minutes from Target. It’s seriously dangerous. And the fact that they have a Starbucks in there is the kiss of death. Nothing like sipping a frappucino while you load your cart up with things you might need someday (read that: definitely don’t need right now).

  2. a recent search that brought someone to my blog: “salt and vegetable oil forehead goose eggs”

    Yay for the No Brainer Wardrobe! Are you loving it, or is it just annoying to read/think about because you’re pregnant?

    And yay for finally reading Bossypants! Are you loving it? Don’t tell me if you’re not. But you have to be. How could you not be?

    • I am loving the No Brainer Wardrobe, even though it is (mostly) just in the theoretical part of my brain right now. The “one day this will be applicable to me again” part. I have applied some of the philosophies to my maternity clothes, though- getting rid of stuff I haven’t enjoyed wearing for the first two pregnancies, and buying a couple of things that I know I will wear and enjoy a lot.

      For Bossypants- I’ll just leave you hanging, wondering if I love it or hate it… Bwahahaha…

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