Yesterday I heard my oldest trying (in vain) to convince her little brother to wear his flip flops.  She loves his flip flops.  They are “berry cute on him.”  He does not like them.  You can tell they hurt his little toes.

She really gave it a good run.  About ten minutes of presenting the flip flops in various ways.  “Look how nice they are!  I have mine on- you can wear yours and we’ll be twins!  I’ll help you put them on!”.

She tried giving him her version of “choices” in a stern voice.  (Can you spot a “love and logic” child who is accustomed to choices?):   “You can wear these flip flops or you will be sad.  You can put them on or I will do it for you.”

The little Monkey let this go on for a while.  Continually asserting that he didn’t want the flip flops, he wanted his boots.  He never got angry, just kept repeating “boots boots”.  While she kept trying to convince him how much he wanted to wear his flip flops.

Here’s what it reminded me of:

Picture it.  The year was 2004’ish.  The city was Greenville, SC.  I was semi-dating this hunk o’ spunk that I had met down there, while I was living with my sister and her family.  Said hunk o’ spunk had just gotten a haircut.  I was convinced (CONVINCED) he would be more comfortable if he could take a shower after his haircut, before we met later for dinner.  All that cut hair on his neck!  If he could squeeze in a quick rinse before we met for dinner, wouldn’t he prefer that?  The right answer was obvious!

I proposed this idea for (probably) a good 10 minutes.  In various ways.  He declined- nope, I’m fine to just meet up, sans shower.  I don’t want to run home to shower before dinner.  No, that’s okay.  We don’t need to meet later so I can shower.  No.  No.  No.

He left the room and my sister said something to the effect of “Geez knock it off already.  He just wants to go straight to dinner.  No shower.”

I had not even realized I was doing that- pushing my idea so relentlessly, as it was gently being declined.  Over and over.  How embarrassing.

See where I’m going with this?

Here is my little offspring, innately sensing that she can and should continue to beat that poor horse, even though that horse is long gone.  Pushing her little footwear agenda.

I finally had to intervene yesterday.  I couldn’t take it any more.  HE DOES NOT WANT TO WEAR THE DAMN FLIP FLOPS!  LET IT GO ALREADY!

Tree, meet apple.



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