All New Things

I can’t stop putting this picture everywhere. It just cracks me up.

A few things that are new territory for me:

1.  Having a little friend over for a playdate could make my morning easier.  This is a recent invisible line that we crossed.  In years past, a “playdate” meant jumping up every few minutes to break up a fight or to make someone share or whatever.  But yesterday I folded laundry that has been in my dryer for four days, and it is all thanks to little Sam and his presence in our home.  When you have a good combination of personalities for a playdate, it makes life so enjoyable.

2.  We bought a swing.  I have written once before about stuff we have for our kids, and stuff we didn’t need.  I’ve never needed a baby swing before, but man if this baby isn’t going to be the death of me with his fussing and grunting.  Lauren wrote in the comments: “I mean…it’s like you say – everyone gets their own rhythm of what works for them. That’s what worked for us.”  We have the space for a swing now, and I hope it buys us some relief in the coming weeks.  I know some women love to wear their babies from sun up to sun down, but I can’t do that hour after hour.  Making meals with a baby strapped to your chest?  Eating those meals?  I can’t hang.  Swing, STAT.

3.  This sugar-free life.  I’m almost two weeks in and it has been pretty painless.  I might even be turning into one of those people who drinks their coffee without sugar from now on.


Here’s when I’ve wanted sugar, usually in the form of some baked good or ice cream:

  • At about 1:30 pm, when I’ve gotten my two big kids down for naptime (for the 2 year old) and “room time” (for the 4 year old).  The baby looks like he might nap as well and I’m looking for a reward for all of my hard work.
  • At about 8:30 pm, when the kids are down (except the baby), and I’m looking for a reward for all of my hard work.
  • Anytime after I have exercised, when I’m looking for a reward for all of my hard work.


Along with my sugar-free life, I also tacked on the goal to drink more water and get to bed by 10:00 pm most nights.  As mentioned, I’m also trying to exercise a few times a week.  (Not at all because my o.b. told me what I used to weigh when I first met with him, right before I got married.  DANG!  Let’s just say old PDiddy could teach me a thing or two.)  I’m really not worried about my weight, (I am very aware that I just had a baby) but I know the exercise is good for my mental and emotional health.  Everyone wins when I get out of the house for a bit for some kid-free time, even just to sweat my way around the block.

4.  I am finding it very very difficult to practice what I preach in terms of simplifying my clothing.  My closet is overflowing and so are my dresser drawers.  Yet if you see me any time in the next few weeks, you’ll likely see me in one of four different outfits that I just rotate.  I need help.  An intervention.

Lastly- will someone please come sleep train my child?  That would be great.  Thanks.



8 thoughts on “All New Things

  1. i will sleep train and closet intervent! at the same time! you leave. i empty the closet while he cries. easy.

    • i also feel that i could empty someone else’s closet and sleep train their child, no problem. just stalling out here on my own.

      if i can’t get it together in the next little stretch, i will call on you.

  2. Hey Katherine! Our life depended on the swing with Ruby. This is awful, but she also slept a few nights IN THE SWING. Ugh. . . . I remember feeling so horrible, but it was the only way we got some sleep. We went camping once and TOOK THE SWING with us! Oh my, what desperate times. . .

  3. It don’t mean a thing if you don’t use that swing.

    I’ll sleep-train your babe. You love the way I do things, right? I mean, Austen is almost 18 months and is super close to sleeping through the night. Super close.

    And on the sugar- I’m not giving it up completely, but I’m not planning to buy any more white sugar once this batch runs out (which is pretty much did, after Noah’s bday cake). I’m using raw sugar and am trying to find unrefined brown sugar. Whole Foods came up empty.

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