Is This the Beginning of the End?

I got my nose pierced 11 years ago.  I lived in Australia at the time, and a lot of my friends and the people I worked with had their noses pierced.  It was more common than among my friends here in the States.  So I got it done too.  I just liked the way it looked.

Two days ago my nose got infected.  Gross, right?  Right.  This happened when I first got it pierced, but I put some tea tree oil on in and it cleared up.  I haven’t had a problem with it sense.  And now- 11 years later- narsty little infected nose.

Here’s my dilemma:  I haven’t known when it was time to call it quits on the old nose piercing.  It has not felt so easy as to just take it out, because I have a hole in my nose.  And a purpley scar, back from when I first got it pierced and it was infected.  So I’ve just defaulted to keeping it in, all these years.

It’s not like I am going to put a picture of my infected nose on here…

Honestly, when I got it pierced back at the young age of 23, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t worried about the scarring.  I’m pretty sure that I thought that one day I could just have the scar, like, lasered away or something.  I’m pretty sure that at 23, I thought I’d be making so much money by 30 that I could just shell out a thousand bucks to get this little problem solved.  (Or whatever laser’ing costs).  Well.  Here I am, a few weeks away from 34, and I don’t have a spare thousand buck burning a hole in my pocket.

Maybe this is the universe’s way of saying “quit with the nose thing, already!  You’re too old for that crap!”.  I’m not sure.  So I don’t know if I’ll persevere, or just bail and deal with the purple-scar-that-is-no-longer-covered-by-the-nose-stud.

Important stuff, people.

What life-changing decisions are you making on this fine Friday?


15 thoughts on “Is This the Beginning of the End?

  1. I had to take mine out for nursing school. Still miss it. Probably too old, but I have considered getting it re pierced.

  2. I LOVE the nose ring!!!! I always wished I had gotten one… I feel like I’ve missed my window b/c it would just seem like I am having a mid-life crisis if I were to get one now. Keep it in, sister and enjoy your youth!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Please don’t take it out. I couldn’t keep mine (infections, bumps, etc.) and miss it almost every day. It felt like I was wearing a tiara.

  4. seriously? you have a nose piercing? i don’t think i’ve ever noticed!!! laser is like $200. take it out and wear a tiara.

  5. my sister denise had her nose pierced back in college (she had to take it out for a job awhile back). when she had it, my dad nicknamed her “denostril”. also, remember when you took out your tongue piercing? 😉

  6. I feel your pain-I recently felt waaay too old to have the two large tattoos that are on my hip and back….Especially when I leaned over the tub to fish my 4 year old’s toy out ….my shirt came up and with a puzzled look he touched the “bird” on my back, then, lifted his own shirt and tried to see if he was born with a bird on his back too. Too cute….but….Made me feel like my tattooed, “cool” days are far behind me- as I fish toys from the tub, and explain why mommy has a bird on her back…..

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