Game On!

I think I’m doing this for the next 42 days.

I am aiming to have arms like that dumbbell shoulder press woman.  (Siiiiike).

Generally I do not subscribe to dieting.  I prefer to trust my body in what it needs and eat accordingly.  I mean- ideally.  But then I stopped eating sugar for a little while because I just knew I was eating too much of it.  And not because I was hungry for it and my body wanted it– it was always as a reward for myself.  There was no real self-care in that.  I’m not really “rewarding” myself if I just feel more ick in the long run.  And if I really believe in intuitive eating and responding to what my body is hungry for (and that my body will regulate itself), why do I just happen to want something sweet every afternoon and evening, at about the same time?

It’s not because my body is hungry for that particular sweet thing.  My mind is hungry for it, because I view it as a reward.

Anyway.  I’m getting a little soap-box’y.

This 42 day thing focuses on real food and cutting out stuff like desserts and sugary drinks and stuff.  That’s the first weeks’ goal.  And I know that I will crave dessert at times, but overall I want to feel better more than I want mid-afternoon brownies.

I’m not sure what the coming weeks will involve.  I might be compulsive and stick with it 100% or I might not.  I’ll take it as it comes.

So.  Commence push-ups!

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