Some Thoughts on a Wednesday

baby on the beach

what I feel like doing by Wednesday

In bullet points, so I don’t have to worry about transitions between thoughts:

  • Real push-ups are hard.  I can’t do very many of them.  I usually do the girly/on-your-knees version and those are not (NOT) the same as real ones.  Your whole core doesn’t have to work as hard.  So I’m hurting now, with this whole 42 day thing and the real deal push-ups.  And wall squats.  Kill me now.
  • I mowed our lawn again on Monday.  I didn’t have to wait for my husband to come home and start the mower for me AND I was able to mow while my four year old played in the yard.  She “helped” me mow a little, too.  Those were two of my reasons for wanting to switch to the reel mower.  Week two proclamation: this purchase was a success.  Let’s see what the weeks to come will bring.
  • I tend to start the week out strong with things around the house, then peter off starting on Wednesdays.  So it looks like this:  Monday- wash and hang out laundry, make a triple batch of granola, grocery shop (spent $60, saved $40– woot woot coupons!), mow the lawn.  Tuesday- fold laundry, do diaper laundry, go through all the kids’ shoes and get rid of four pairs.  Wednesday- doctor appointment, try to summon energy and desire to finish folding laundry from Monday (yes, Monday).  Wish I had less clothes, so I was forced to take care of the laundry more efficiently.  Umm…  Thursday- not much.  Friday- nothing.

Does anyone else start off guns blazing on Mondays?  I think it is the mess that takes over our house on the weekends.  By Monday I’m ready to quit lazing around and start all over.  So I gsd all day Monday, carried over to Tuesday, then by Wednesday I start the slide toward the weekend.

Happy slide day!


4 thoughts on “Some Thoughts on a Wednesday

  1. My “Monday” changes week to week, so I really have no idea if my gsd days are mondays or not…but, if truth be told, I do a whole lot more sliding toward the weekend on most days. I do think about gsd quite frequently. Isn’t it the thought that counts?

  2. Yes! I usually do all the laundry on the weekends, and on Monday, I see that just a little laundry has crept back in. So I do it all up Monday night, and think “If i just keep this up every night this week, then the pile won’t be so huge on the weekend…..” Lo and behold…come Wednesday, I say “screw the laundry” and by the weekend I am sinking in a sea of 4T shirts and soggy towels. Sigh….

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