Three Weeks In

Ah, yes.  Monday is here everyone.  This means that I tear around like a crazy person, doing laundry and cleaning bathrooms with lightening speed.  I could feel the antsy feeling settling in yesterday, toward the end of the day.  Seeing the laundry all backed up, toys in piles around our living room, and the kitchen in disarray- domestic work, I was gunning for you.

Now it is 2:00 and I have gotten all the important things on my list accomplished.  Including grocery shopping- spending $100, but saving $70.  Can I get a whatwhat…

I’ve decided on a new laundry routine.  I was trying to get it all caught up and finished on Mondays, but inevitably I stall out at the “fold and put away clothes” stage.  So now I’m trying to get it all washed and hung outside or in the dryer on Mondays, then Tuesday is my day to fold and put it away.  Breaking it into two tasks over two days seems more realistic than cramming it all in one day.  And honestly I was never getting it all done in that one day, anyway.  It was time to face those facts.

Now Tuesdays are my day to watch hulu and fold laundry while the kids are napping.  Nothing as low-brow as this, of course.  Something muuuuch more intellectually stimulating.

I’m also thinking of selling my kids’ dresser and getting them baskets for their clothes instead.  The drawers on our dresser get stuck and are really heavy, so they can’t put their clothes away very easily.  So I kind of want to just get rid of it altogether and have a system that they can keep up with.  I’m tired of putting their clothes away because they can’t manage the drawers.  This perpetuates the idea that only mom can do clean-up!  (Shakes fist at dresser).  Is this basket idea a good one?  Something like this, but of course at a height they both can reach:

Or this, just tucked under a bed:

(Heads up: Subject change without transition.)

I decided recently that I need to rein in my facebook lurking.  It is embarrassing to admit, but my time there has just been excessive.  I have a friend who deleted her account sometime in the recent past, letting me know she thinks facebook is “ruining the world”.  I might blame a few other things for all of the ruining, but I can’t say that facebook improves the world much, either.  At least not my little corner of the world.  I have too many critical thoughts when I’m on facebook.  Too much comparison and envy.  And, last but not least, too many times when I’m telling my kids “not right now” so I can continue to scroll a little bit more.  That’s lame.  I’m all for telling my kids I can’t/won’t help them with something rightthisverysecond, but to say that time and again for the sake of reading status updates?  Um– lame.

So for now, facebook will be relegated to time when my kids are sleeping.  Got to start somewhere.

On another note, today marks the beginning of week four of the 42 Days to Fit challenge.  So far I’ve made a few diet and exercise changes every week, hoping to feel better and, of course, knock off a few pounds.  This week was the one-two punch: our anniversary and my birthday.  So a few diet rules were broken.  But I’m okay with that.  What kind of person denies herself a birthday cupcake?  Not me.

Definitely the toughest rule for me is to stop eating after 7:00 (or 3 hours before bedtime).  My husband gets home from work between 6 and 6:30, so we eat dinner a little later than most.  Then we put the kids down and I’m used to an evening snack of some sort.

Of course, it’s not usually because I’m hungry.  It’s more of a reward for myself.  I really need to find new rewards…

There you have it.  An update on all of the important things: laundry, facebook, and exercise.

Thoughts on the basket idea are welcome.

10 thoughts on “Three Weeks In

  1. I have a bunch of baskets that are about 14″ x 20″ and about 5″ deep – and I store all of the kids clothes (and diapers, too) in them. I fold them and put them in rows and I usually store them by outfit (fold the shirt inside the overalls or whatever) so I can just grab them and have the outfit good to go. I need all the help I can get in the mornings.. I’ll will post a picture on FACEBOOK and tag you. 😉 They would work perfectly under the bed or another idea is to take the drawers out of the dresser and just put the baskets in there. I did that as soon as I had babies because I could grab a basket with one hand much easier than pulling a drawer open.

  2. I vote baskets on the wall on hooks. Looks cute. I think the under bed is cool, but has the potential to have spillage that gets shoved back up under there, and then it is mom worming her way under the bed to figure out why the baskets won’t slide smoothly under…oh wait, it is because the kids have shoved twelve t-shirts and 9 socks back there…. Or something like that. Anywho…I vote wall hook basket thingy.

  3. I have had the exact same convictions about facebook as of late. not sure what to do? have contemplated deleting the account too but have yet to do it. the weeks when i stay off of it, i find myself much more content. but every now and again i find a jewel there that keeps me coming back. wouldn’t have discovered your blog otherwise…glad to know i’ve got company.

    • what i missed during the month last summer when i was off fb was birth announcements and friends who were posting updates on their son’s condition when he was in the hospital. there are also events that only get communicated via fb- though i know if someone was that intent on me coming, they would contact me otherwise. but yeah- there are little things that feel very worthwhile. and a lot that doesn’t.

  4. I don’t use dressers for the same reason – somehow opening and closing them was Too Much Work and I would never put things away. Now I have lots of open shelving, and some rolling drawers/bins under the bed.

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