Thoughts on a Thursday

1.  Painting furniture is fun for the first 5 minutes.  (“Glossy white barstools in the kitchen!  Wheeee!!!”).  Then it becomes tedious.  (“These round posts aren’t very easy to paint”  and “Wow.  I think these will need three coats.  Suck.”).  Then just a matter of discipline.  (“Must…finish…the…stupid…barstools.  Hate…this…project.”).  Then you’re finished and it is back to fun.  (“Glossy white barstools in the kitchen!  Wheeee!!!).

2.  A few days ago I swear (SWEAR) someone hid a wet diaper upstairs in our house.  The hubs and I noticed a sour smell and we couldn’t figure it out.  Then, after two days, the smell went away.

Is this like when you have a dead animal in your wall and it stinks up your house, then nature takes its course and the smell is gone?

I know we’re going to move one day and find a crusty diaper somewhere- “Oh… THAT’S where the smell of 2012 came from…”.

3.  (Not unrelated to the possibility of hidden dirty diapers): For the past few weeks I’ve been highly aggravated by house flies, particularly in our kitchen.  All it takes it one persistent fly to drive me crazy, but we have had more like ten at a time in our downstairs.  Whenever we come inside we all yell at each other to SHUT THE DOOR SO THE FLIES DON’T COME IN, but inevitably one would zip right in the door.  And I would feel like it might push me over the edge once and for all.  Nothing like several houseflies in your kitchen to make you feel like you have a filthy home.

Then I bought a basil plant for a meal I was making and- lo and behold- within a few hours I looked around and marveled at my fly-free kitchen.  Seriously y’all: basil plants repel house flies.  Why couldn’t I have discovered this weeks ago, at the peak of fly season?

4.  The kids are currently licking the window.  Why?  I have no idea.

Over and out.

5 thoughts on “Thoughts on a Thursday

  1. We have a spot in the hall where I throw diapers instead of walking them 10 more feet to the trash can in the garage. There’s a bench at the end of the hall and sometimes the diapers land under it. I always say, “Oh, I’ll remember that it’s there. I’ll get it the next time I walk by.” Inevitably, every time I sweep under that bench (which, let’s be honest is like once a month) I find at least one diaper.

    Also, I’m GREAT at starting painting projects. Starting. I never stop starting. HA!

  2. Ha! You made me snort laughter with that licking the wondow business! Kids are so weird, and hillarious. Another tip to know for the future….bay leaves repel grain moths that can get in your dry goods. Keep one or two leaves laying in your pantry always, so that you don’t get the INDESTRUCTIBLE grain moths like I had.

      • I’ve had pretty decent success in ridding myself of ants by spraying vinegar along the trail and at the presumed point of entry. I also have a nice large bottle of vinegar in the fridge if you’d like to borrow a cup, neighbor! 🙂

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