A Semi-Perpetual “To Do” List

In no particular order:

1.  Hop off of the internet for a week.

2.  Run a 10K.

3.  Read The Joy of Less.  (Is it possible that I’ll clutter up my house with books that focus on decluttering?)

4.  Cut my wardrobe by a third.

5.  Plant flowers in my yard.

6.  Eat out of the pantry and freezer for a month.

7.  Cut my kids’ wardrobes by half.

8.  Wear outfits that I would like on someone else but feel too nervous to wear myself.

9.  Buy someone’s meal anonymously.

10.  Make photo book for 2010.

11.  Make photo book for 2011.

12.  Organize and back up iPhoto.

13.  Enjoy not doing anything photo-related for a while.

14.  Make overnight iced coffee.

15.  Tame the tupperware beast that is procreating in my pantry.

16.  Change my passwords to increase my online security.

17.  Put more patterns in my living room.

18.  Buy more birthday presents as I come upon them, no matter what time of year it is.  (For others.  Not me.)

Does anyone else have a perpetual to-do list floating around in their mind?  Not things with particular deadlines, but just things you’d like to do at some point?


5 thoughts on “A Semi-Perpetual “To Do” List

  1. I love your list! Some of yours sound very similar to mine! More color/ patterns in my bedroom (all shades of beige, brown, and um beige) And the wearing outfits that scare me but look good on others. (Love that you said it like that) I recently tried the whole “fashionable scarf” thing that seems to be all the rage. I thought I looked fabulous…just like a girl in a pinterest polvore pin….then a girl friend told me I looked like Steven Tyler….fail….LOL!!!

  2. The Joy of Less is on my reading list too! I’m also trying to limit my online time and am way behind on photo albums. My big goal for October is to go to bed earlier. To be in bed by 9:30 and asleep by 10.

    I miss seeing you! C looks just like B! xo

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