42 Days

Hellllloooo blogosphere.  Long time no write.

I think tomorrow is the official end of the 42 Days to Fit Challenge.

Am I fit?  Definitely more than 6 weeks ago.  Earlier this week I ran 3 miles on the treadmill WITH hills.  That felt pretty good, I must say.  I haven’t done that in…gosh…a few years now.  So that was a good feeling.

The diet challenges have been great.  I am now one of those people who doesn’t sugar their coffee, which makes me feel like a real grown-up.  I can think offhand of three female friends who take their coffee black and that pretty much makes them bad ass, legit adults.  I don’t even think you need a mortgage or a degree or even a child of your own to be considered an adult, if you drink your coffee black.

I’m pretty sure my friend Megan was drinking her coffee black back in high school, when the rest of us were doing half coffee, half sugar.  When we drank it at all, that is.  I remember going to Young Life camp and being offered coffee and just killing cups at a time because WHEEEEEE CAFFEINE IS WONDERFUL!!!!!  ESPECIALLY SUGARY CAFFEINE THAT LOOKS SUPER COOL BECAUSE IT’S COFFEE AND I’M 13 YEARS OLD!!!!!

If you can be a legit adult in high school, Megan was.  She was also the responsible friend who always had to pick up the tab for us when we’d pile into a booth at Ruby Tuesdays.  Observe:

Me [shocked, as if this has never happened before]:   “My fettucine alfredo was $8.50 plus tax and tip and I only brought $7.  Dang it!  How did that sneak up on me?”

Everyone else at the table:  “Yeah, I’m a little short too…  What if we don’t leave a tip?…  Then we’ll only be $12 short…  (other unintelligible sheepish mutterings)”.

Megan:  “For crying out loud, I got it…”.

[Repeat every weekend for the entirety of my high school career.]

Anyway.  Where was I?  Black coffee.  Right.

This last week of the challenge we were supposed to eat all real food.  Nothing processed.  Nothing you can’t pronounce.  Nothing that won’t go bad at some point.  Real food.

How did I do with that?  Meh.  So-so, at best.  We have been housesitting for a week and it’s not easy to meal plan when you’re not sure what’s in someone else’s fridge.  Also, I like to keep it simple when we’re housesitting and not go out and buy a ton of stuff for the week that we then have to toss or lug back home.  So we did a bunch of meals out of our freezer- spaghetti sauce I had made a few weeks ago, black bean burritos, stuff like that.  And maybe Wendy’s drive-through one night.

You want to make something of it?  You’re not the boss of me.

The bottom line on the 42 Days-to-Fit: It was great.  I’m really glad I did it.  I enjoy exercising and it’s good for my mental health.  Some friends got me a month membership to our local gym and I have REALLY enjoyed going there.  Might have something to do with the 2.25 hours of childcare you can use per day.  That might be a tiny factor in how much I love it.  But I also love exercising and having sore muscles, as this has not happened in a long time.

I’ll leave you with a picture of my favorite baby in the whole world, who I have been spending time with exclusively since yesterday afternoon:


14 thoughts on “42 Days

  1. so……I’m still not an adult at 44. Wow! I always wanted to be a kid at heart, and I guess mind, also. 🙂 But, I do like to be “bad ass”, so I might have to try this blackcoffeechallenge….starting tomorrow at work.

    • yeah- i guess you feel like a kid again with your sugar/coffee combo, but a true grown up when you drink it black. depends on what you’re going for on any given day.

  2. When I think of Megan in high school, I think of her figuring out the bill every single time we went out to eat. That made me laugh hard.
    I drink my coffee black. I’m glad to feel affirmed.

  3. It’s a wonder we weren’t all heifers in high school, what with all the fettuccine Alfredo, chocolate tallcake and free breadsticks we consumed (that I bought). And I’m pretty sure you all owe me your first-born children for all the times I picked up the bill. On second thought, you. An repay me with chocolate tallcake. And where did the free breadsticks go? Those things were money.

  4. Still don’t like coffee except for the smell. You may call me immature or childish but I’m going with the “kid at heart” stance. Also, I MISS my nieces and nephews. He is so daggone cute and oh so happy.

  5. Oh, you’re totally referring to me when you talk about a bad ass black coffee drinker, right? Because I am doing that right now, I promise.

  6. Wow – I would join that gym for the child care too – that makes it TOTALLY worth it. (Not that I have a kid, but if I did… or if I had enough money to pay for gym memberships for all of my friends with kids – WOAH!) I mean, you could get in a good work out, then walk downtown for a coffee (without sugar) and the kids would be none the wiser!!

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