A Post Without Pictures

Because my laptop is giving me a weird message about my USB port using too much power.  So I can’t get any pictures off my camera.

Not like I have good pictures anyway.  I don’t even have instagram to make my otherwise-crappy pictures look dreamy and hip.

Last week I went through all of my daughter’s clothes.  We had four Rubbermaid totes in the attic, storing her infant through 3T stuff.  We have two more under-the-bed storage boxes in our guest room/baby room.  I went through all of the boxes, pulling out a few things here and there that I can’t quite make myself part with.  Because maybe (maybe!) we’d have another baby one day and maybe (big maybe) we would have another girl.  And maybe I just can’t make myself get rid of a few things.

Now I have one tidy shopping bag of things.  Which is so much better than four big old containers.  All of the things in there are special and have specific memories attached to them.  I had friends over the other night to go through all of the rest of my girl clothes and take what they like for their kiddos.  The rest will go to the Pregnancy Center.

It feels very liberating.

Also, I went through our Tupperware containers and pitched a bunch of stuff.  Seriously- how does one end up with so many mismatched plastic containers?  Our recycling bin was piled high.  All motivated by my to-do list.

What?  It’s Monday?  Well, that explains all of this productivity.


2 thoughts on “A Post Without Pictures

  1. I just began reading a book entitled, “7”, by Jen Hatmaker. This book is right up your alley, Katherine. Let me know if you decide to read it and we can discuss our take-aways. Hi to the little peeps that I miss so much!

  2. I have heard a lot about this book! I started looking through it in Barnes and Noble a few weeks ago. Our library doesn’t have it and I didn’t pull the trigger on buying it when I saw it in the store. But I hear about it so much that I should probably just get it!

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