It Is Like Someone Lit a Fire Under Me

I call this one “Painting Pumpkins Under the Supervision of George Costanza. With a Helmet On. For No Apparent Reason”

A few days ago I looked around at the downstairs of my house and realized it looked like a home daycare center.  Swing, bouncy seat, huge plastic basketball hoop, toys toys toys, light box, kitchen set…  Babies R Us vomited all over our living room.

I had to take dominion back.

I felt fed up, but also overwhelmed.  Too much crap.  No idea where to begin.  It was time to take action, but I needed a strategy.

I landed on this:  Work from front to back.  Don’t move on until you’ve taken care of whatever you have in your hands.  Get it done. 

So I started in the front of my living room and worked my way through the dining room, to the kitchen.  Then upstairs- same thing.  From the front of the house to the back.  I stored clothes in the attic, posted bags of clothes to sell on Craigslist, put some junk priceless items outside with a “FREE” sign on them, set up my daughter’s twin bed, and dismantled the oldest of our three cribs.  (Yes.  You read that right.  Three cribs.  One functioned as a toddler bed, but still.  Three cribs?  Excessive.)

I need days like this every once in a while.

YOU DO NOT OWN ME, CRAZY CLUTTERED TOY ROOM/DINING ROOM!  I AM THE BOSS OF YOU!!!  [proclaimed in a loud, booming voice, as if from heaven]

2 thoughts on “It Is Like Someone Lit a Fire Under Me

  1. It seems to me that the baby should be the one wearing the hard hat. Those Bumbos can be precarious.
    Just a thought.
    Also, you can really save space by letting all 3 of your kids sleep in your bed.
    Just another thought. I’ll get you on board some day. 😉

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