Not the Kind of Revelation I Prefer During My Workday

When you get dressed for work in the morning and have to tug on your skirt a lot, just go ahead and change skirts.  Don’t look at it in the mirror and decide that it does look okay, as long as you’re holding your stomach in and have just pulled it down with a good solid yank.  This is particularly important if you are wearing boots to work that day.

I tell you this, lest you show up to work and slooooowly realize that you’re just a hair shy of mimicking the common streetwalker.  A la Julia Roberts:

This does not apply to you if you are, in fact, a streetwalker.  In that case- jack that skirt up and go for it!  And if you look sort of like Julia Roberts, then you can probably wear whatever you want.  But if you are aiming for a look that differs from “streetwalker,”  just wear a different skirt.

This may have happened to me at work recently.  Leggings would have helped.  I just got a little optimistic with that skirt, that’s all.

Lesson learned.


5 thoughts on “Not the Kind of Revelation I Prefer During My Workday

  1. You gave me a chuckle! Why do we do this? “Hey this outfit looks great if I can just suck in my gut for the next 8 hours” No problem. Who do we think we are fooling…..

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